So You Want To Hire A Web Developer?

Hey, this is Dave from IntegratePro Show, here today, talking about what you need to do to hire a web developer to get the job done for what you want.

So, if you’re going to hire a web developer to create something for you online, like an app, or, WordPress plugin, you want to make sure they fully understand what you want. That means you need to be clear what exactly you want so make sure you understand and can spell out exactly what it is you want. You might not have figured all the details that are needed, all the nuances, all the stuff behind the scenes. But at the very least, you should be able to say in writing, if needed be, exactly what you want.

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IntegratePro Show: Clint Maher

Dave: Hey, it’s Dave Wooding here for Integrate Pro. I’ve got an expert with me today, one of my friends from Australia, Clint Maher – it kind of rhymes with car. Clint, say hello.

Clint: Hi Dave! How are you doing?

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Help! My Shopping Cart Has Been Abandoned

… and I don’t know what to do!

Relax, take a breath and watch the show …

Handling Shopping Cart Abandonment Like A Pro

There you have it in a 5 minute video. Visit this site and find out how this video became very visible and wanted on social media.

Start by tracking a signup to your email system – add a tag that indicates “Signup”.

Next, wait some time, say 24 hours, to check if your signup is now a client.

If not, get that contact into a followup sequence.

If the contact does purchase, tag them as such in your email system.

Also, check to see if the customer accepted your upsell offer.

If not, get the customer into a upsell followup sequence.


It Really Is That Easy

If you are reading this, you know the power of automation and what it can do for you – especially when you are sleeping!  Who doesn’t like to wake up to sales overnight?

Now you just need to turn it on.

This works well for:

  • Sophisticated email systems – ones that track contact’s behavior, usually through the use of tags, like Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, InfusionSoft, Vero, Hubspot, Drip and others.
  • Shopping carts that can communicate with your email system, like 1ShoppingCart, Nanacast – any shopping cart system that has an API (Application Programming Interface), or even easier, systems that have shopping cart and email functionality combined.

What are you waiting for?  Get that shopping cart abandonment situation taken care of now.

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How Well Do You Know Your Customers


Your customer pays you, then what happens?

If you are setup like most online businesses, then the customer goes to a thank you page, gets added to an autoresponder and receives a welcome email.

That’s good.

And if you want to maximize your revenue you hit them with an upsell. If they don’t take the upsell, then a downsell. Also, try to provide to your customers the most innovative and secure protection from fraud, from Fully-Verified.

Great, huh?

What if instead of an upsell, you ASK them what else you can do or provide?

That’s what I do.

What do you think would happen to your business if you did this?

Click HERE if you would like to see the flowchart.

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Know Your Customers


A Few Ways To Know Your Customers Better

  • Call your customers, ask what you can do to help them
  • Email your customers
  • Visit your customers at their business
  • Meet your customers at a local meetup or at a seminar

Here Is One Way

Survey your customers.

Ask them questions and save that information.

I will show you how I survey customers so you can get some ideas on what is possible.

This is not for everyone. People who will get the most value are:

  • you do most or a lot of your business online with the help of marketing conferences phoenix
  • you have a mailing list of customers and prospects
  • you have a “sophisticated” email autoresponder system that allows you to add tags or merge fields
  • you can handle tech stuff or can hire it out

What you get in return is a rich understanding of your customers’ wants and desires.

The work flow looks like this.

1) Decide what you want to know about your customers. My suggestion is to ask questions that quantify and qualify. For example, you might ask someone questions like the following.

How much weight do you want to lose (quantity)?

When do you want to lose that weight by (quantity)?

What is your biggest struggle with losing weight (quality)?

2) Group your customers based on their responses. And by group, I mean “tag” in your autoresponder system.

You might create a group based on how much weight loss they want to achieve. 0 – 5 lbs is one group, 5 – 15 lbs is another group, 15 – 30 lbs is another group, more than 30 lbs would be a fourth group.

Another group would be how much time till they lose the weight. 0 – 1 month is one group, 2 – 6 month is another group, 6 – 12 months is another group, more than 12 months is another group.

One suggestion is to NOT go overboard with the amount of groups you have. Think 80 / 20 here. Go for the big groups.

3) Whenever you communicate with your customers, address what is important to them.

For instance, your messaging to the group of people that want to lose 0 – 5 lbs in the next month might be different than what you say to someone looking to lose more than 30 lbs. in the next 6 – 12 months.

This 2 minute video shows (1) how you might message different groups and (2) a live survey that id tied in with an autoresponder.


Click HERE if you would like to see a demo survey

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LeadPages WebinarJam Integration

UPDATE: Apparently WebinarJam DOES have an API: Using the API should supersede any “hack” method (including yours truly shown here as it no longer seems to work).

… so your clients signup once and are automatically added to your Webinarjam when they signup through LeadPages. Or said another way, one click signup.

To be honest, this isn’t the “prettiest” way to do things – it involves hosting your LeadPages thank you page on your own site AND making some edits to it. However, with a little creativity we can overcome the limitations that WebinarJam presents by not having an API for registering (WebinarJam if you are reading this, consider this a feature request – provide an API).


The workflow involves: your email autoresonder – we are using Ontraport for this demonstration, LeadPages, WebinarJam and your website.


  • Create an Ontraport Sequence
  • Create an Ontraport Smart Form


  • Create a LeadPages signup page
  • Integrate with Ontraport – HTML Copy / Paste
  • Create a LeadPages thank you page
  • Install LeadPages thank you page on your web server


  • Create a WebinarJam webinar
  • Get the Advanced Custom Registration Hotlink

Your website

  • Add some php code to the Leadpages thank you page on your server
  • Add the WebinarJam hotlink to your thank you page


We are using Ontraport for this. Regardless of which autoresponder you are using, what you are accomplishing in this step is to get the autoresponder HTML code so you can add it to LeadPages signup page in the next step.

Create An Ontraport Sequence

Inside your Ontraport account select Contacts > Sequences > New Sequence.


Next, you decide if you want the sequence to be a STEP SEQUENCE or a DATE SEQUENCE. For this example, I am going to choose STEP SEQUENCE.

The only thing you must do is provide a Name, ex – TEST Sequence, and click Save. Come back once this workflow is complete and add an email or SMS or Task or Postcard or etc.


Create an Ontraport Smart Form

Inside your Ontraport account select Contacts > Smart Forms > New Smart Form.


Click on the Settings tab near the top. There are three things to do in the Settings section.

  1. For opt-in settings, I suggest leaving this as Single opt-in. You will need to provide a Custom URL. For example, You will be creating this page on your web site (and no, it is not a WordPress page). It needs to be a php file. We will create this page at the very end of this workflow. What is important now is that you decide where (your domain) and what the page name will be (and it has to have the .php extension).
  2. In the MANAGE FORM FILLS section, you will want to choose the “Sequences – add contacts to these sequences” and add the Sequence you created in the previous step.
  3. In the ADVANCED section, check the box that says “Pass CGI variables to Landing/Thank you page”.
  4. Click Save.

It should look something like this.



You will be creating a LeadPages sign up / opt-in form and a LeadPages thank you page. The sign up / opt-in page will be hosted by LeadPages. The thank you page will be hosted on your web server.

Create a LeadPages signup page

I’ll assume you know how to create a Leandpages signup page. There are just a couple of things that need special attention.

First is the Opt-in form integration.


You are NOT going to use a LeadPages thank you page inside Leadpages. You are going to create a thank you page and use it on your own web server. For now, do not use the Thank you page option.

The second is under integration settings.


Choose the HTML Copy / Paste option and not the API integrations option. Yes, I know, this defeats some of the beautiful automation that LeadPages provides. Sigh.


Now you need to go back to your Ontraport account (or any other autoresponder account) and grab the HTML code for signing up.

Inside Ontraport, click on Contacts > Smart Forms > your specific Smart Form > Publish Form > HTML Version For Geeks.

Highlight all of the code presented and copy it.


Return to your LeadPages account and paste in the Ontraport HTML code into the HTML code box in the Integration settings area and click Okay.


Create a LeadPages thank you page

Again, I’ll assume you know how to create a LeadPages thank you page.

The important thing here is when you publish … you are going to publish this page on your web site.

Click Publish > Your own server > Export Full HTML sources.


Next you will get another window with a message from Leadpages saying that you will give your first born … just kidding. No, they will let you know that you are responsible for the file and they will not be able to support you. And I agree. Once something is on your server – it is yours to maintain. There is no way LeadPages can guarantee that there will be no problems with the page when they don’t have control over the hosting.

Once all those warnings are out of the way, check the box for “I have read and understood all the text above, and agree to all terms listed on this page.”. Then click the Download button.


This will start a download to your computer. I recommend opening the file (thank-you-1.html) with your default browser. We are going to copy the HTML code to your thank you page.

Once you have opened the thank you page, then view the source. In Firefox, this is done by right clicking on the page and clicking View Page Source.

You will get something that looks like the following. Highlight and select everything and copy. You will need this code for the thank you page hosted on your server.


Install LeadPages thank you page on your server

You will need to create a php file on your web server in the location you specified the Custom URL for the Ontraport Smart Form. For instance, thankyou.php.

Paste the LeadPages HTML code that you just copied into the newly created thankyou.php page. Save that page and take a break.


Create a WebinarJam webinar

That’s about all I am going to say about that … just do it.

Get the Advanced Custom Registration Hotlink

I will say a little more about this 🙂

Click on My Webinars > Get your links and find the Advanced custom registration hotlink that looks like this:

Copy that code and save it somewhere … you are going to make some slight modifications and paste it into your LeadPages thank you page.

Your Website

PHP code

You are going to add a little extra code at the very top of that page … some php code which will be used for populated your WebinarJam registration with firstname and email.

Here is the code to enter at the very top of the thankyou.php page. From the opening php tag <?php to the closing ?> tag … type that in.


And save that file (always a good idea to save your work occasionally).

Add the WebinarJam hotlink to your thank you page

Here’s what you original WebinarJam hotlink looks like:

This is what you want it to look like before you put it in your LeadPages thank you page.

<iframe src=”<?php echo $firstname; ?>&email=<?php echo $email; ?>&schedule=1 width=”1″ height=”1″></iframe>

The new code:

  • Gets ride of the countrycode and phonenumber
  • Adds php variables for the firstname and email
  • Wraps an iframe tag around the WebinarJam hotlink and sizes it very small, 1×1.

Take that new WebinarJam code and paste it just before the closing </body> tag in your LeadPages thank you page.


Save the thankyou.php file and you are done.

Test It Out

Take your LeadPages sign up page for a test drive and make sure that your subscribers are automatically added to your WebinarJam webinar.

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