Ways to Attract More Customers

by Dave | Blog


An important factor in business success is your ability to expand your customer base. Here are some tips that can help you gain more customers.

  • Keep your target customers’ preferences in mind when designing your website.
  • Market with a local focus.
  • Find different platforms to tap for exposure.
  • Identify your ideal customers and cater to them.
  • Measure marketing effectiveness through marketing tracking.
  • Put together a cohesive brand that reflects personality,

Consumers care about style, convenience, and personalization. Keep this in mind when you apply marketing tactics to keep existing customers and attract new ones.

Tips for Improving Mail Deliverability

Did you know that your domain reputation has a big impact on your email deliverability? Generally, high domain reputation equates to good email deliverability, while low domain reputation equals poor email deliverability.

You can measure your email deliverability through bounce rates, unsubscribes, and open rates. These are all influenced by email authentication, which largely depends on identifying and unifying domain-based behavior.

What can you do to boost your domain reputation and, consequently, your email deliverability as well?

  • Clean up your data and keep your invalid email rate low.
  • Keep track of your recipient behavior and make sure that your emails are not being relegated to the spam folder.
  • Use third-party tools such as Google Postmaster to monitor your domain reputation metrics.

Best Practices for Crafting an Abandoned Cart Email

Statistics say that over 75 percent of online shoppers abandon their carts. For this reason, an e-commerce site owner has to come up with an effective automated abandoned cart email that would coax those who had actual intent to buy. What should you do to make your email as effective as possible?

  • Craft a subject line that’s easy to understand.
  • Make your call-to-action clear.
  • Create a distinctive copy designed to achieve the email’s purpose.
  • Include an image of the product and its relevant details.
  • Use catchy graphic elements.
  • Evoke a sense of urgency.
  • Present alternatives.
  • Address possible objections.
  • Convince with social proof and reviews.
  • Make a judiciously-timed coupon offer.
  • Optimize email for mobile users.
  • Keep email simple with a clear message and one call-to-action.