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VBulletin Embed Video Code

Not really related to Nanacast, but “hey” … what the heck. If you had me hookup your VBulletin forum with Nanacast, you might be interested in this. Embed Wistia in VBulletin You’ll

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Nanacast Order Form

Let’s do something about the default Nanacast Order Form, shall we? With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility … or something like that. Nanacast is a powerhouse when it comes to providing

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Nanacast Membership Cancellation

What happens when a member cancels their subscription to your membership that is controlled by Nanacast – do they still get access? It Depends On how you setup the membership in the first place. In

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Nanacast SMS Text Messaging

When you make a sale, would you like receive a SMS message from Nanacast right to your cell phone? You Can There are plans to add SMS messaging to Nanacast. However, as of this posting, there is no such

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Nanacast Aweber Parser For Adding Affiliate ID UPDATE

Gotcha Update Here’s a work around for the “gotcha” I mentioned for the Nanacast Aweber Parser for Adding Affiliate ID. This is one way, maybe not the way – however, it works ๐Ÿ™‚ Instead

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How To Integrate Facebook And Nanacast

We will setup a Facebook app that integrates with a Nanacast offer based on the instructions found here. 1. Create your offer in Nanacast. It must be a free offer. You are on your own for this one. Do

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