Nanacast Aweber Parser For Adding Affiliate ID

As a vendor using Nanacast to run my own affiliate program, I have setup my Aweber autoresponder to tag customers with the referring affiliate’s id.

This way, whenever I promote another product of mine, I can use the original affiliate’s id as part of the link sent to the customer. This means that you can have a lifetime affiliate client.

There is no extra setup required on the Nanacast side beyond using the Email Sync capability that Nanacast provides when a customer makes a purchase. Nanacast, by default, already sends over the Affiliate ID to Aweber.

Note: The fields “name”, “email”, and “Affiliate ID” are already included in the email we send to the AWeber parser, so you don’t need to do any additional configuration within Nanacast.

On the Aweber side , there are a three things to do.

Aweber Custom Field Name

In your Aweber account, add a custom field called “Affiliate ID” for the email list of interest.

Aweber Custom Email Parser

You will need to create a custom email parser.

It is not as difficult as you might think … you just need to be able to type.

In the parser section of your Aweber account,, scroll down to the bottom and click on “add new” next to the Custom Parsers section.

Then type in all of this stuff:

Description: Nanacast_Plus

Trigger Rule: From:[^\n|.]+aweber\@nanacast\.com Match On: Headers

Rule 1: \n[>\s]*name:\s+(.+?)(\n|$) Match: Body Store In: Name

Rule 2: \n[>\s]*email:\s+(.+?)(\n|$) Match: Body Store In: Email

Rule 3: \n[>\s]*Name:\s+(.+?)(\n|$) Match: Body Store In: Name

Rule 4: \n[>\s]*Affiliate ID:\s+(.+?)(\n|$) Match: Body Store In: Affiliate ID

Pay attention to the “Match On” and “Match” and “Store In” drop down options (they are important).

Click “Save”.

You will want to activate this new Email Parser for your email list of interest.

Sidenote: I have not done the next suggested step – Final Step: Configure this service to work with AWeber – I just test out a signup and make sure that it works 🙂

Personalize Your Email

Easy, peasy. Start “personalizing” your emails when you send a link to your customer that includes the affiliate’s Nanacast ID, i.e. -{!custom affiliate id}, something like this:{!custom affiliate id}/

The only “gotcha” is if there is no Affiliate ID present – your customer will see a link like this:

This will redirect to the Nanacast payment page … this might not be exactly what you intended.

That’s All She Wrote