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Relating Mental Models to User Experience

Mental models are belief-based, not knowledge-based. They refer to how a person thinks and what he or she expects about how things work. This has a profound influence on behavior, task performance, and

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ActiveCampaign Raises $100M Seires B Investment for Improved CXA Solution

Funding worth $100 million was accepted by ActiveCampaign to scale its Customer Experience Automation (CXA) products and services. CXA pertains to the connected customer lifecycle, which is all about ensuring

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ThriveCart ConvertBox Checkout

ThriveCart ConvertBox Checkout. In this video, we’re going to cover implementing a convert box on a thrive cart checkout and the reason I’m suggesting this is we want to save the sale, believe

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Beating Your Competition with Competitive Analysis

Whatever your products or services are, chances are, there are other businesses offering something similar. To make sure that your business performs better and you maintain an edge over the others, use

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2020 Web Design Trends

When choosing which design trends to follow, keep in mind that your website is built for its end users. For this reason, you should pick the ones that have the potential to linger so they can make a more

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ActiveCampaign Wait Until Conditions How To Configure

Active Campaign Wait Until. In this video, I’m going to cover the powerful but sometimes confusing, wait until capability Active Campaign provides in their automations. Now there’s two scenarios,

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