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How To Use Segments With ActiveCampaign

Active Campaign segments, I’m going to show you how you can build segments and Active Campaign and we’re going to use AND and OR logic to do so. Just note that and it’s very specific,

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ActiveCampaign Tag Count

Active Campaign tag count. We’re going to figure out a way to track tags that begin with something. So to do. So you have to create a custom field for each tag that you want to count, the custom

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ActiveMember360 Redirect On Login

Active member 360 redirect on login. And this video we’re going to show you how to handle when a user first logs in. And then all other logins. So let’s go ahead and dive right in. So inside

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How to do a downsell using ConvertBox with ThriveCart

Convert box thrive cart down sell you’re going to see how when a visitor tries to leave your thrive cart checkout page we’re going to present a down sell offer through convert box and we’re

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How to backup your ActiveCampaign contacts automatically

Active Campaign backup. This is one of those things people don’t usually think about until they need it. And at that point, usually it’s a little bit too late. So here’s a way to do

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