How to build complex quizzes with Thrive Themes Quiz Builder quickly

by Dave | thrive theme

Thrive Themes Quiz Builder

In this video we’re going to cover the capabilities of Thrive Themes quiz builder actually build one to show you how it works. And to me this is a lot of power in one little option. You can do images or text for your quizzes, you can use conditional logic can do lead scoring, and then important that you can connect your email service.  This is worth doing in addition to split testing.

So let’s dive right in inside your WordPress account, you’re going to want to go from the dashboard to the thrive dashboard to go to thrive quiz builder. Now the assumption you is you already have that installed. So go ahead and click on add new quiz you can build from scratch list building social shares, these two just basically give you some default option.

So for instance, you know, what they want to do is show the results page after they’ve signed up social shares, waits for them to share before giving results or allows them to share sorry, on Facebook, etc, we’re just simply going to build one from scratch to show you the functionality. So click on continue, you want to give it a name. And I’m just going to call it I don’t know, profile continue.

And then you get to choose the type. In this case I have not selected so we can do style. So let me just start clicking here.

So you want to do a numbers percentage category, right or wrong. So let’s do score. Partly because at the end, we can use that score to display something based on how well they did or didn’t do, or just whatever based on those numbers. So I’m going to go ahead and click on number.

Next up is choose a quiz style. And I’m going to choose let’s let’s do something pretty darn basics. I’m just going to do this basic q amp a one if I was to choose if I really wanted to kind of gave them I would use this email one.

But that’s not what I’m gonna do. I’m going to do the q amp a one really what I’m focusing on, I don’t really care to do this. I’m going to create skip that. So now I want to do the questions. And then the result page.

Quiz Questions

Let’s start with the questions. Now. I’m going to do one where it’s basically Are you a man or woman? How old are you? And how much weight Do you want to lose? So that actually can get kind of complicated? It’s three levels of questions, obviously, man and women’s two answers, how much weight or how old you are, that can be a lot of answers. But you can display content that’s reflective of the answers they give.

So let’s just get started. I’m going to add first question. And we can do images or multiple choice with buttons. In this case, I’m simply going to do this to make it easy, the images would be more appropriate in my opinion, if you want to do a man or woman. So the first question is, are, you know, need to give a description, their first answer.

And you know what, I am not going to give this a score like one beam, or actually, I’m going to give it a score one. But also the next question is going to be same score. I don’t really care about the scoring here.

And here’s the thing where we can connect our email system. If I click that tag, we can add a tag based on their answer. Now, my recommendation is that you’ve already created the tag in your email system. So for instance, I’m using Active Campaign, I would want to know the names of my tags prior to doing this. But the easy one would be woman, and this down here would be of course, man. Now, if those don’t exist, it will get created inside Active Campaign my case, we can do multiple tags per answer.

But this is the powerful feature. So at the very end, when this information gets submitted with their email address, assuming you’re collecting it, this will tag them with information. So I’m gonna go ahead and save that.

Next question. simply going to click on Add, and I want both men and women to see the same question. Again, multiple choice with buttons. Click on Continue. How old are you now you can do like increments of 10s, 20s, whatever, you could definitely have a lot of answers here. Again, I’m going to do tags. And I’m going to say less than 3030 to 50 and 50 plus.

So you can see why I’m doing this because you definitely get a different segment, I’m going to go ahead and turn on tags again. And this might be less than 3030, 5050. Plus go ahead and save that.

Now I need to drag it down here. And I need this because I want both men in women, regardless their answer to see the same questions. I just want connected straight down there.

There’s no delineation based on the answer they gave. So we can come down here. Next one is how much do you want a third question?

And again, I’m just going to keep it simple, let’s say three answers. I’m gonna say. And I’m going to give them a tag.

Go ahead and save that. So at this point, I want to again, come back this right here and lack a bit I could be done with my question. Now, I can also have conditional questions here. So watch this. I’m going to put another question.

Whoops, I’m going to click on multiple choice. Now, what I’m going to do is, this is going to be for the people for since that one lose less than 10 pounds. So I’m making some assumptions.

Ideally, I would know my audience well, and if you haven’t noticed, ever really been paying attention to the point. So actually, it might rethink doing this. But in my opinion, the tags are kind of the biggie, I want to capture that information, put that into my email. So for instance, let’s say someone that loses less than 10 pounds, and I’m going to call that energy.

And let’s keep the number one, let’s say, let’s just leave it for that. Now, in this case, I’m going to say this is only for the people that said, they want to lose just a little weight. So they’re going to go from there to there.

And I’m going to move them over just so we got them out of the way. And there’s nice thing about this little navigators it can kind of pull you around. Now let’s go into the people that want to lose a lot of weight and Nance ask effectively, some questions, but more related to how much they said.

So I’m gonna say, why did you again, these questions are not, you know, I’m doing this on the fly here, if you will. So I’m gonna go ahead and draw a line from here for the people who said they wanted a lot to down there.

So I’m actually going to leave this one alone. I’m not going to ask another question. For somebody that says 10 to 30 pounds, I could ask. Now another question.

All these people will get pulled back into here. But I could keep branching off into different different avenues based on their previous response or responses. And again, it can get very complicated.

Notice how I started up here. And I kept this nicely linear path. But I’m collecting a lot of useful information. It’s once I get down here and have a little, a few more details about the person that I’m asking a little more detailed, that’s appropriate to what they provided. So let’s do one more question.

This one is going to be totally off the charts. And a lot of these are great to use with images. For instance, man, and woman is a good one.

Now, realize this is totally off base. But what the heck, let’s do dog we’re going to say dog, you get the idea. And then I’m going to drag that one down right here.

Now notice what I’m doing now is I’m going to send everybody down here. So the people that answer here, come back here, this person who did not get that middle question. And then right there. So now we’ve set up a quiz, if you will, starts by asking, Are you a man and woman? woman? How old are you? How much weight Do you want to lose? based on their answer, they may or may not get a different set of questions.

And then finally, what’s your favorite animal. So I’m gonna go ahead and save an exit that now let’s set up a results page. And I think it’s already pre configure, but probably the biggest, we want to make sure we get added to the email.

Okay, I’m not going to spend much time on this. But I’m, you can have a custom page right here. And I am going to do this choose style.

And notice this says lead generation. So this is important right here, if you want to get this information. So I clicked on it, I’m going to connect form to service, I’m going to say Active Campaign, because I’ve previously connected them, you want to choose the mailing list to put them on Is there a form you want them to fill out, and then comma separated list of tags to assigned to them.

So in other words, you could have a tag that anybody who fills this form out gets attached to plus the tags that they provide via the answers, I’m going to leave those blank for now, you definitely want to put them on a list and there’s a there’s email, we want to make this required or not. And then what are we going to have happen after here, and you can send them to a custom URL, which is probably best, I’m simply going to show a success notification. And that’s it probably want to make sure this is appropriate, this is going to show the results that they had.

And then you can change the language here. But by far, the most important thing right here is to make sure that you’ve connected up to your email service. So I’m gonna go ahead and save work.

And I can just leave that as is. And let’s go dashboard, you can have a splash page and opt out. So that quiz is ready to go. So you know what I can do here. So I can copy that short code right there.

And I’m going to create a page. And again, I’m not going to worry about styling. At this point, I’ve already got a sample page built, I’m going to go ahead and edit it.

And I’m not even going to use thrive architect man may not work but that’s beside the point. So I’m going to go ahead and to lead every thing here. I’m just simply going to paste that in in text mode.

Go ahead and update now I could have used thrive architect and pull that in let for the purposes of what we’re trying to accomplish. I just want to see that it’s working and functioning can certainly make it look a lot better. Here we are.

So are you a man or woman? You know, how old are you? How much weight Do you want to lose? Now notice this, this question was conditional based on my previous answer. So I’m actually going to cheat and reload that and not say that I’m going to change it to something else. So I’m going to start with a man I wanted to lose a lot of weight and this time I’ve got a different answer.

Now in this case, you might have a situation where somebody wants say, Oh, this and this and this doesn’t necessarily work that way, unfortunately. So it’s really you have to pick one so let’s just say that and then what’s your favorite animal and then at this point, I would submit this information and on the second page you would probably want to say thank you check out your inbox for more information and this score by itself doesn’t make a lot of sense but this point I’ve been able to get people’s information I will get them into my email system tag the way I want them and then I’ve got information to work with that’s I use Thrive Themes quiz builder.