A / A split testing with Thrive Themes Optimize

by Dave | thrive theme

Thrive Themes a split test.

In this video, we’re going to talk about doing a split test, which is basically split testing against itself. So there’s, if you have an opt in page or a pop up, you simply clone it, and then test one that one version versus the exact same version. And the reason you might want to do this is to get it like a baseline number of conversions required so that you can call something statistically significant, it’s kind of backwards.

So in other words, he’s got the exact copies that your split testing, you want to make sure that the results are identical before you determine a winner. If, for instance, let’s say you have 10 results for an a split test one says 30% conversion on one the other says 80% on the other. Well, you know, that’s not right.

I mean, because they’re identical, they should have the same results. This is a way to accomplish that. Also, if you’re just starting out you have nothing you have.

Want to split test against at least run this by itself. So you’re getting the data built up. To get a baseline of how many conversions you need to get results that are identical so that when you do an A B split test, you can say, you know, I’m from my a split testing and know I need 200 conversions per split to know that they’re significant.

And one thing to do in this case is note results over time. So let’s say you’re getting a lot of volume every day, check to see what the results are. Does thrive, say it’s statistically significant, but your numbers are off.

That’s a little concerning. And that’s the kind of scenario you want to cover. So let’s dive right in inside your WordPress account down and the thrive dashboard. I already created a lead here thrives lead so I’m going to go ahead and make a clone of it. So I’m going to go here

Take a look at this and where the heck do I get clone guy? Go ahead and make a clone right there. And I’m probably gonna want to rename this it’s telling me to make starting a be split test to start tracking statistics so I’d simply click that but but I want to change the name so I’m going to call it light box.

And notice it says control up there. I’m just going to say a that’s my way of knowing this is a a split test and then from here, click on Start a B test I’m going to say a a and I would recommend giving the date so I think today is and then any notes you want to say so I’m going to say I’m not going to pick automatic winner so I don’t want that enables. I’m just gonna leave it as is and then I’m going to go ahead and start test so going forward.

This light box when it displays will choose either one or the other and then I will get conversion results because the way I’ve set it up that’s how you use Thrive Themes to accomplish a split test.