Using The Nanacast Outgoing API

Here’s where it gets good.

The Nanacast ecommerce system allows you to “communicate” with other online programs by way of an outgoing API.

What this means is you can pass the customer’s information to external sites, for instance you would send the customer’s name and email address to an autoresponder service (hint: Nanacast already has this built in – doesn’t require use of the powerful outgoing API), or you could send the customer’s name, email, username, and password to VBulletin to automatically sign them up to your membership forum.

Here’s what you need to do within Nanacast to make this possible.

Login to your Nanacast account, select Manage > Memberships.

For the product of interest, click on Notifications/Custom Fields.

Scroll down to where it says Activate Advanced Outgoing API and click the box.

Add in the script on your domain.

You have setup the Nanacast Outgoing API. Now you just need to configure the script on your site to do what you want.