Tips for More Effective CTAs

Without a CTA, your email is pretty much useless. Then again, if you don’t do it right, your CTA won’t have much of an effect. The following are some tips on how to make successful CTAs.

  • Use CTA buttons instead of hyperlinked text.
  • Make CTA easily identifiable, as well as large and legible.
  • Place CTA above the fold.
  • Use action-oriented text, e.g. “try,” “sign up,” and “reserve.”
  • Avoid friction words like “download,” “submit,” and “order.”
  • Keep CTA text short.
  • Use personalized text, preferably in the first person.

What You Need to Know about Being a Solo Founder

Being a solo founder of an enterprise has its pros and cons. You should weigh them carefully to see if it’s the path for you.


  • It’s tiring to make all the decisions yourself,
  • You’re responsible for every choice made and step taken.
  • You’re pressured to come up with brilliant ideas.
  • It’s harder to get different perspectives.
  • There’s nobody to stop you from making bad decisions.
  • It can be lonely.


  • Without the need for consensus, you can move faster.
  • There’s no chance for friction, ego trips, and general drama.
  • With just one person at the helm, the direction is clearer.

If you decide to forge ahead and be a solo founder, read the following tips and tricks to raise your odds of success.

Why White Hat SEO Isn’t All It’s Cracked up to Be

White Hat SEO is the term used for strict allegiance to the Google guidelines, This is considered the ethical course of doing SEO. Nonetheless, SEO has a purpose, which is to get you more visitors and increase your business revenue. White Hat SEO may not achieve these expected excellent results for you. Here are some reasons why:

  • You’re limited to the same techniques, so you miss out on a key factor in marketing, which is creativity.
  • There’s no provision for short-term plans.
  • Not all actions outside Google’s guidelines are hacking-oriented.
  • Google’s guidelines aren’t rules; it’s okay to explore beyond them.
  • Google Guidelines aren’t the be-all and end-all of SEO; extra-Google Guidelines steps aren’t necessarily unethical or incapable of generating value,

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