Tiered Pricing Based on Quantity Sold With Nanacast

This is what you do to setup tiered pricing based on quantity sold (versus based on date range) with Nanacast.

Login to your account.

I’ll make the assumption that you have a membership product (stand alone products can be memberships in Nanacast).

Select Manage > Memberships

Choose the membership you would like to add tiered pricing to.

Click on “Edit Pricing/Delivery”.

Make sure you have Payment & Thank-You Page Setting set to “Free or One-Time Payment with Thank-You Page”.

Under Pricing Strategy, choose “Use Tiered Pricing Based on Quantity Sold”.

Where is says Increase Price to:, enter your new higher price and the quantity that needs to be sold prior to the new price.

You can keep adding additional price tiers.

When complete, click the “Save Changes” button.

Done. You have now setup a membership (or product) to increase in price after a certain number of units are sold.