ThriveCart with Wistia

by Dave | thrivecart


ThriveCart Wistia.

In this video, we’re going to cover how to do this.

What you see on the left hand side is a ThriveCart checkout page that only has a Wistia video displayed, on the right hand side it’s the same ThriveCart checkout page showing the payment information after a certain number of seconds that the Wistia video has played. You’ll need to have that share link below.

So let’s dive right in.

To start with, you want to go into your ThriveCart account, edit a product or create one, go to checkout and we’re going to go to design, you want to click on you want to go to import a design, you want to paste in that link and click on Continue.

So once inside, there’s a couple things you’re gonna do. Notice there’s a video image up here. If I click on that, we’re going to need to put in the embed code here and the second thing is we have this custom HTML block at the bottom.

It’s important that it stays At the bottom, and we’re going to put some embed code there. So starting with Wistia, you want to go to your Wistia account, you want to click on the video you want to capture and instead of using the embed share, we’re going to go up to here and copy the link from the URL bar and you need to know when you want the video to display the shopping cart.

So in my case, I think it’s right when I start to point my finger. So I’m going to say just around the eight second mark, is when I want that to happen. So I’ve got that information. I’ve got this link up here, I want to go to this page, paste in the Wistia URL. Put in the number of seconds that I want to display, basically a blank ThriveCart page, click on Submit.

This will generate the Wistia embed codes. You want to highlight that, copy it and go back to ThriveCart where to go to the video, enter your embed code, which is I need to click on here. Scroll down, embed that code and then I go back to here, I want to copy the custom HTML, back ThriveCart, scroll down to the bottom, click on custom HTML, paste that in, click on Done.

And then I’m going to go ahead and save and exit.

Now I’ve tested this both on mobile and desktop and they work, save and get URL. And if I’m not mistaken, I have this video set up to autoplay, except the volume is silent. So after eight seconds, maybe it’s gonna play so it’s gonna display the checkout.

So that’s how you set up ThriveCart with Wistia.