ThriveCart Customized Success Page

by Dave | thrivecart


ThriveCart Success Page.

In this video we’re going to cover how to customize the ThriveCart success page. To be clear, we’re not using a custom URL for fulfillment. The advantage of this is you avoid any kind of cross domain tracking issues. And the reason you might want to do this is because you can personalize the ThriveCart success page.

My motivation comes from being able to allow auto login from this page to membership sites that require an email address. That link below has the code you’re going to need to install on your success page. And to be clear, the way we would have done this is we would have set the fulfillment URL to a send them to a URL and the success page to a redirect to your custom page.

Instead, we’re going to display their total invoice which we’ll customize and the success page is that customizable success page, that little image on the left is an example of active member 360 setup for auto logging. We’re going to take for instance that success URL and embed it on the customizable success page.

So let’s dive right in.

Now to start with, I’m going to show you why this is possible. This would be a typical ThriveCart success page, no modifications done to this. If I was to actually view the source code, and I’ll be honest, you’re gonna have to dig in a little bit here, I can see my name, I can see my email and information about my purchase.

I’m going to copy that just so I can show you what this does. So I’m going to go to a site called, and I think I’m going to get rid of that click on unminify and it kind of show you all the information so there’s this ThriveCart order, there’s a customer there’s the customer name, the customer email, some information about the order the invoice ID, so you could take all that information and display it.

Now I suspect there’s more information. For instance, if you had a physical product, this is what I’ve pulled out for this product and the ones that are important to me are the customer name, customer email and the product name.

So to show you, here’s the code I want. I know it looks like a mess, I’m just going to go ahead and copy all this, I’m going to go ahead and paste it into this code editor because I want to make that start with a simple version and build my way up.

So for instance, if I’m going to want to display the person’s name and email address or product they bought, so I’m going to go ahead and just get rid of all this stuff right there. Now you do need to know a little HTML. So here’s an example.

And then I need to put a little tick space plus, right there, what that message is going to do and let me finish that off is going to say thank you, Dave, for purchasing this product. So I’m gonna go ahead and copy all of this and go into my ThriveCart account.

And notice I’ve got display there total invoice I’m going to go to checkout and this actually does work with both the new cart and In the legacy, I’m going to use the new cart version, I think I’m using this guy go to design, launch the editor, I’m gonna go to success page, and I’m going to drop some custom or I’m going to drop in some custom HTML.

I’m gonna put it the top, come over here to enter this, just paste that in, click on done, click on Next. Now I’ve already made a purchase, I’m just going to refresh this screen. So there it is, thank you, this person me for purchasing this product. Now that’s one thing you can do.

In my opinion, I’m more interested in the auto logging capability. So that’s a good start, in my opinion, but let me show you what else you could do. So again, I’m going to go ahead and copy this code. And instead I’ve already set this mostly up so I’m dial this in I basically swiped ThriveCart button code and put it in here.

So yeah, you do need to know a little thing about here. So what I’ve done is I want them to click here for Access to the product. And here is the important part. And yes, I do not own the domain But I’m going to replace that with.

And this is, for instance, the typical format for active member 360 is auto logging capability. And I’m going to go ahead and put an ampersand email equals. Now my assumption is when you’re doing this is that you’re using ThriveCart, behavior rules to connect, in this case to Active Campaign, apply the appropriate tags for membership access, run whatever automations like a member Gen pass, so that when somebody clicks on this link, they’ve already got that stuff set up.

And the reason I mentioned that is because sometimes there’s some servers that can be slow to respond. And for instance, if the person that’s purchasing is not already in your email system, for instance, active member 360, we’ll add them to the Active Campaign account and then grant them access that takes a little bit of time and if you’re asserting is a bit slow, that might be problematic, there might be a timeout, and they get redirected to a page, the default success page.

And that’s not a good experience, especially if they expect to be able to log in automatically. So in this case, I’ve got a button I’m going to put here. I’m going to go in and grab all this code back to ThriveCart, I’m going to edit the checkout again, go to the success page, click on the custom HTML block.

And this might seem a little sneaky but I’m going to put a video up there and the reason I’m doing that part of this you know, you might have a video that says thank you. It’s kind of a way for them to delay actually accessing the product want to give ThriveCart the ability to communicate via behavior rules with my email system, while I’m distracting them over here with a video.

That’s not really the case, but sounds good. So I’m gonna go ahead find my embed code, paste it in and click on Done. Click on Next, click on save and get URL again, I’ve already made a purchase. So I’m just going to refresh this.

So there we go. Now I’ve got a video on top, I’ve got the invoice down below, I’ve got this button, they can click again, I don’t own example COMM And it’s showing up in there but I’m able to paste in the appropriate code and the email address that allow me to auto log in.

So that’s how you can customize the ThriveCart success page.