The One Page Funnel Checkout With ThriveCart

by Dave | thrivecart

Thrive cart one page.

In this video, we’re going to cover how to create a video sales letter using a YouTube video that will display a thrive cart checkout after a certain number of seconds have gone by. Now, it’s not WordPress, you can find it at page. So let’s dive right in. There’s only a few pieces of information you need to provide. The assumption is your YouTube video is yours. It’s a video sales letter, my recommendation is you’d probably want to make it unlisted if you’re going to use that. You need to provide the URL for that you also need provide the number of seconds into that video that you want to display your thrive cart checkout. And then finally, what’s the embed code for your thrive cart checkout page, and then there’s some more information you can provide like your business name and some tracking code.

So first thing is let’s go to YouTube and get a URL. Now because this is just a demonstration, I’m not actually going to put a video sales letter in there, I’m just going to find a mountain biking one. And which one do we want to do today? Let’s try this one. All right, good enough. Now all I need to do is copy the URL back to the one page, paste that in there. And then decide how many seconds into the video that I want the embed code from thrive cart to display the checkout now might be 5,10 minutes into their you have to do the math. So for instance, five minutes is 300 seconds. In this case, only I want to display pretty quickly 12 seconds so you can see it. Now we need the embed code from thrive cart. So inside your thrive cart count, you can go straight to get URL. But first, let me show you something about the checkout page, you’re going to want to use the embeddable checkout for this to work. Once you’ve done that you’ve chosen that save and get URL, copy the embed code, come back to here, paste that in. And that’s pretty much all you need.

I’m going to give it a business name. And I can put some tracking code in the head section or after the opening body tag or towards the closing body tag. And I do have some code in this case that I am going to add. And then I want to click on Submit.At this point, we’ve created the appropriate code put on your website into a PHP file. You can download it from here, you can copy the code and paste it into a file on your site. For me, I can see a preview. So let me show you what this looks like. I’m going to click on Preview. So after I believe 12 seconds, this video is going to play and sometimes it’s designed to play automatically but sometimes that doesn’t work, especially on mobile.

“We are writing once again here today in the Czech Republic. It has been rainy, rainy, rainy, so hopefully the trails aren’t too bad, but I heard they’re mostly made out of rock. So that’s good.”

So there is the thrive cart embed checkout that displays right below the video. One thing you’ll note whenever you pause this black overlay with the white triangle cover over the video. That way they don’t get distracted by related videos or anything like that. Also, at the very end of the video, it’ll show a replay button again so that they can’t see the related videos or anything like that the focus is on the video and the checkout.

So that’s how you build the one page video sales letter with thrive cart.