Setup ActiveCampaign SMS

by Dave | activecampaign

Active Campaign SMS

This video is going to show you how to implement the built in capabilities and Active Campaign provides for text messaging to do. So we’re going to need to create a custom form and we’re going to need to capture the phone number but more importantly the country code one challenges Good luck getting somebody to provide the country code heck A lot of people don’t even know what their country codes so we’re going to make it super easy for that to happen.

Now I know that Active Campaign has built in SMS capability however they only serve a few countries United States Canada Great Britain, Spain, Australia, Germany and Mexico and to use it you need to have a plus or enterprise plan and we’re going to end up creating a form looks like this that captures their email and their phone number where the only reason the country’s there is simply to put in the appropriate prefix but their phone number so accomplishes we’re going to use the bootstrap form helper provided by this site right here.

And you can actually download it on GitHub right there you want. And the way it works is if you select the country, let’s just say we to Mexico, it’ll automatically change the country code. And the great thing is, if somebody typed in something wrong, it won’t work.

And it knows how many characters and in what format to work with. So for instance, Australia, which is plus 61, let’s just start typing stuff in there.

And notice how it figures out the right format, etc. So we’re going to take advantage of that. So we will download this install this the JavaScript that’s provided on our site where the form is going to be hosted, so that we end up having a site that looks like this form that looks like this.

Okay, so let’s go into Active Campaign and remember, you’ve got to have a plus enterprise to be able to send SMS messaging. So for this we’re going to simply create a form and I’m going to call it email or sorry phone. Let’s just create the form called phone. Put them on a list created and we’re not going to collect that we are going to collect phone Come on.

So that’s it. Let’s make sure we get everything we want. We want to send them to a thank you page. Let’s take them here.

And that’s it. Now here’s where it gets a little messy. We need to copy this content here form the full embed code. I’m gonna go ahead and save an exit.

Now we need to go into a pendant editor I’m just going to paste all that stuff there. And here’s the page I’m going to work with. So I need to find the form elements.

So I’m going to search for a certain form. I need to copy this go back to my index file, replace the form that’s already there already did this once and I don’t need stuff back to the content I created. Let’s copy multi inputs the hidden input and put them right here, get them all fancied up.

I’m up and we’ve got email address and let’s just make sure I’ve named ID or I should say the name email that’s not right. This needs to be email and I’ve made your recording wired and let’s look for phone Actually, let’s make sure email is called. So if I go down here and look yes name is email.

Now let’s look for – okay so the name is phone it’s a text field so okay now here’s what I need to add in to my page to make it so I’m just gonna put a little white space here so you can see it formatted it the same way using this div class I’ve got the country and this is the code that came from Help Help or file and I want to make sure this input type to put in name equals phone.

Okay. So this is what I need to add let me do this and I hopefully and they actually did install the JavaScript and there’s a couple more things that need to be put in so that it calls those files. So I’m going to put it down at the bottom right here putting some void space you can see if it’s the bootstrap dash form helpers dot min. js and the bootstrap dash or milk or stash phone tashman js.

So let’s get rid of the white space. Put it right there and page and be ready to go. So let’s take a look at I’m going to refresh this.

So there it is. Let’s make sure if I change countries, everything works properly. Australia. There it is. I do 345678123 oops. Okay, so it looks like it’s working. Let’s test it out.

Let’s do Dave66 calm and yes, I’m from the United States. We’re going to stick with that. And yeah, let’s just go with that phone number. So I’m going to click on join.

So I’m redirect to the thank you page. Now let’s go see if I was added properly. So if I go to contacts search for Dave Plus, there’s Dave 66, and there’s my phone number.

So now I do have the capability to send an SMS message to this person. Since we’re here. We’re having fun. Let’s do it one more time. Let’s see how far down under country works quaint. Plus test and let’s make him from a different country Australia, yeah, let’s go. 543123. Maybe that’s it. I click on join.

Let’s search for him.

Hey, there it is. So we just covered how to use active campaigns SMS capabilities.