RankMath – A Gamble?

RankMath is a new player in the arena of SEO Tools for your website. Of course, when a new player enters, its our job to dig deeper and see if this new guy is worth our money’s bet. As we proceed with the review, basing on actual experience, although it was only a few days worth of testing, and more on research based on other’s experiences, here is what we found out.

Using RankMath is a real gamble and we would recommend giving it a few months of running if you wish to try it out. What makes it awesome is that RankMath remains free, although reports have been said that the developers plan to introduce a premium version but they assured that current features of the free version will remain free.

So why did we mention it being a real gamble? Here is why; RankMath rakes a lot of positivities. It is packed with features that you wont be able to see in other SEO tools, but, along side those pros are the same amount of cons that will make you think twice. If you wish to see for yourself, here is a summarized list of what we observed based on our own experience and the consolidated comments of other users:


  • More number of SEO parameters considered in SEO score
  • Light-weight and speed optimized
  • Modular design with different modules
  • Easy learning curve with Noob Friendly UI
  • Basic Content Analytis with Advanced SEO
  • Setting up Rich Snippets
  • Social sharing Preview with provision for different title and description
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Optimize upto 5 Focus Keywords
  • Smart Redirection Manager
  • Import facility from Yoast and All-in-One Schema Rich Snippets
  • Adding Schema items is easy
  • Price is FREE


  • Many Bugs and Issues
  • Not fully tested
  • Incompatibilities with other plugins
  • Backward compatibility to previous SEO tools non existent
  • Expect decrease in Search Engine traffic
  • Low plugin installation rate making it unreliable
  • Regex features of Redirection module is different from Yoast
  • It is not supported for import by Yoast and other plugins
  • SEO settings are complicated
  • Cannot be used on Live Sites as you cannot revert back to old plugins

If you wish to look at comparison to one of the biggest SEO tools in the market, RankMath definitely wins over YoastSEO as per pros, giving it the moniker YoastSEO killer.

Easy to Use Yes Yes
Keyword Focus 5 1
Redirection Manager Yes No
Schema Availability Yes No
Localized SEO Yes No
WooCommerce Compatible Yes No
Keyword Suggestions Yes No

Given the following details, this makes RankMath a real gamble. Personally, I would not say that RankMath is good, but I won’t say that it is bad either. It will remain your choice if you wish to change corners on this bout. This falls down to your comfort which SEO tool you would use. A coin might help in this case. 🙂