Integrate ActiveCampaign and GravityForms

by Dave | activecampaign

Active Campaign Gravity Forms.

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to push answers you collect from Gravity Forms into your Active Campaign account. So let’s dive right in.

To start with, you’re going to need to purchase Gravity Forms and you can do so at You don’t need to do anything licensed beyond the basic to accomplish what we’re going to do. But kind of the key thing is you’re going to want to download the Gravity Forms core and you’re also going to download under basic add on downloads the Active Campaign download right there.

So you should have two zip files that get downloaded to your computer. Additionally, you’re going to need to have the license. So then when you go into WordPress, you’re going to install those plugins. You just want to go here, you want to click on add new, upload plugin. Go find the first sip file, upload it, install it now and you’ll be prompted for some things for instance, the license ID for the core file and then for the Active Campaign, you want to do the same thing you want to choose the file and Install now.

So when you’re done there, you will have something that looks like this. You want to go to settings, and you should have already put in your support license key, but it needs to be in there for this to work properly and you should also see Active Campaign over here on the left side, click on Active Campaign, there’s two pieces of information you need to make sure that connection between gravity form and Active Campaign works. That’s your API URL, and your key which you can find inside your Active Campaign account.

You want to scroll down on the left side, click on settings, go to developer and copy the URL right there. Back to Active Campaign settings in your WordPress site for Gravity Forms, then back into Active Campaign again, grab the key and then go ahead and click API key paste that in there and then click update settings.

So now the connection between Gravity Forms and Active Campaign is working. Now before we set up a form, you want to know kind of the questions you’re going to ask and I’m going to show you how I would set up because you want to be able to push the information that you collect from here into your users’ profile and Active Campaign. So for instance, I’m going to ask questions, are you a man or woman? And do you want to how much weight Do you want to lose?

I could ask more questions, but I’m going to keep it to those. So watch I’m going to do here. I’m going to start with Active Campaign. I’m going to go to lists and I’m going to go to Manage fields and I want to create those questions effectively in a section in a group and let’s just call it survey. So I’m going to click on that type in survey and then I’m going to add a field and the first one’s going to be called gender, and as much as possible, I try to keep this to one work.

I know it’s not absolutely critical, but I would suggest doing that as much as possible. It’s going to be a text input fields, I’m going to go ahead and say add and you know, what did I even put that in the right place? I did not. Let’s go fix that. So I want to go and edit that and I want to put it into survey. So let’s get rid of that and then of course, I could add more than this, I’m going to say how much weight that’s all I’m going to say weight, could be weight loss, but I’m using weight and this time, I will put it in there.

I’m just going to be a text input, it’s not going to be a drop down. It may be a drop down inside Gravity Forms. But here in general, the only fields I want our text input and date. So I’m going to go ahead and do that. Click on Add. Now again, I could add more and more custom fields here if I want to, but for the purpose of this demonstration, I’m only going to ask two questions.

Now I want to go back into WordPress and I’m going to create a new form. I’m going to call it weight loss and no need to give a description unless you want this one, I think self sufficient and I need to start asking questions. Now, what’s critical here is you have to have the email field. It’s kind of busy looking here, but all you really have to do is come over to here start clicking on something.

So I want to go to Advanced field, and I think I want to make it I know I want to make it required this absolutely has to be there for this to work. So that’s important, placeholder i think is a good thing, your email address, and you know what if you want to be absolutely certain I would do something like this. Enter your best. It’s required and I put a placeholder.

I’m going to click on update. So right there, again, you can make this look better than what I’m doing right here. So I’ve got two questions. Gender is one of them and you know what, I’m going to make that a drop down. So I’m going to put it right in here and the first choice is, let’s say women and what do we do? Oh no, this is gender.

Are you a man or woman? And you know what? That might be this anyways, just watch what happens here. Let’s see, are you a man? Actually, let’s do this. So there then we have kind of a description, placeholder. I don’t think it’s appropriate someone to say select. Let’s do something like this. And then back to here and the first choice is going to be woman, second choice is going to be, maybe I could spell that would help. And I am going to get rid of that third choice.

Now, say goodbye to that, and probably do want to make it required. I’m just going to go ahead and say that. Because I do want to collect this. And you know, I really wanted that header placeholder to show up, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to but we’ll take a look in a minute. So anyways, there’s my second question. I’m going to go ahead and update and then the third one is how much weight Do you want to lose? And this really should be a number field.

So I’m going to say, and what do we got? Let’s do this. I’m just going to call it weight. How much weight to one lose? How much weight right. Okay. Let’s see, let’s say the men is zero the max is men, I don’t think anybody is going to want to lose 1000 pounds, but what the heck, and it is going to be required. We want to have a placeholder.

Okay? And there There we go. So that is set up form is ready to go. It’s not super pretty good. It says select how much weight you want to lose, I should probably say I should probably give an example. So I’m gonna go back here, example and this a 20. Someone can’t put in 20 lbs or 20 kg or anything like that.

Next thing, here’s the, here’s the fun part. So if we go into Active Campaign at a feed, so let’s call this, what did we do in here we call that survey. So I’m going to call it survey and I’m going to put people on a list. I don’t think this is required. I’m put them on my main list and then here’s the magic.

So I want to match up stuff here and I’m going to go ahead and make sure this is the critical one email, or else it really doesn’t work and now what I want to do is I want to go down here to gender, select the field. And this is why I kind of named them the same inside Gravity Forms and inside Active Campaign. And I’m going to go ahead and click on this go down to wait. And I am going to put that into wait.

I would recommend adding a tag. So for instance, customer dash, weight loss, dash survey, something like that and I think I’ll leave that there. I don’t know if this will work. I think it will. Let’s do that enable condition. So that is it. So if somebody completes this, they’re going to get their email address passed into Active Campaign, put on the main list, and this information about gender in weight will get pushed into Active Campaign.

So let’s do that. To implement this. I’m, for instance, going to create a page, surprise surprise survey and I want to add a form, I think I’ve only got one form, weight loss, and I’m not going to worry about these other options. And I click on Insert form. I don’t think it’s super pretty, but you can make it and then go ahead and publish. So let’s go ahead and open this in a new tab.

There’s the email, if I was to click on submit, it wouldn’t work because it’s saying, Hey, you got some required information that you need to put in there. So I’m going to go ahead and do this, Before I do that, let me see if I’m actually using that email. I kind of want to start out clean on this one.

I am using it good for me. So let’s see I do not have come on right there. So notice, there’s Nothing in there right now, I’m going to go ahead and finish this survey. Man, I want to lose, let’s say 100 pounds, which isn’t true, but let’s go with it.

Here we go. Now let’s go into here and I’m looking for some information in the survey field. And notice it added the tag, and then the gender is updated to man. Now the great thing is if I’m going to have for instance, like a phone call with somebody, I have this information readily available inside my Active Campaign that I can reference when I speak to somebody.

So that’s how you integrate Active Campaign with Gravity Forms.