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How to Pivot Your Product without Losing Your Customers

There may come a point when you won’t have any choice but to pivot your product. When it hits a plateau or no longer stands out as an original solution, then you may need to shift your business. Fortunately, there are ways for you to keep your current customers while taking this drastic measure.

  1. Don’t drag your feet doing it. Even if you do it in stages, every move should be decisive and timely.
  2. Get and heed customer feedback. Put your customers in the center of your product pivot.
  3. Create a communication plan. Tell the story behind your shift in an engaging manner and make sure you’re open to questions.
  4. Do regular check-ins with your customers. Ensure that the response to the shift is good and that they’re adjusting just fine.

Adobe Summit 2020 in Las Vegas Cancelled

Due to the current global health situation and the threat of the coronavirus, Adobe Summit and Magento Imagine 2020 in Las Vegas are cancelled. These two events will instead be an online experience this year. There are no plans to reschedule them, although Adobe Summit EMEA this May in London is still slated to push through. The same is true for Adobe Summit and Magento Imagine 2021 in Las Vegas. For details on refunds and other incidentals regarding the cancelled events, you may refer to this page.

The Benefits of Automating Email Marketing Workflow

The automated email sequence that is triggered by an event is called an email marketing workflow. It is useful for accomplishing the following:

  • Giving your customers a customized experience.
  • Converting leads into customers.
  • Increasing revenue with your current customers.
  • Saving time on future campaigns.

Here are some of the most popular email marketing workflows. Make sure that you have them in place to help boost your business.

  • New blog subscriber.
  • Post-webinar.
  • Post-downloadable guide.
  • Abandoned cart.
  • High intent leads.
  • Booking a demo.
  • Customer onboarding.
  • Free trial user onboarding.
  • Upgrade or upsell.
  • Newly upgraded customer.
  • Free trial ending.
  • Encouraging repeat purchases.
  • Long-term nurturing.
  • Cross-selling.
  • Customer milestones.

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