How to Make Your Landing Page High-Converting

A landing page that convinces viewers to buy from you is a high value tool for your business. The important question to answer now is, how can you write your landing page to make it high-converting? A framework that takes the guesswork out of the endeavor is the Rule of One. By doing the following, you’ll have a good idea of what to put in your landing page copy.

  • ONE Offer. Present just one thing that you can give your audience.
  • ONE Promise. Focus on one change that will benefit your audience.
  • Present ONE Big Idea. Dangle just one, but very compelling hook.
  • Target ONE Reader. Figure out who you’re addressing to identify what he or she cares about.

Underused CSS Features to Tap in 2020

CSS has plenty of power and functions. It’s important to know all its different features in order to optimize its use. The following are some of its rarely-harnessed features that are actually very helpful.

  1. ch unit – Use this for readable line-lengths.
  2. CSS attribute selectors – Use these to concoct recipes to simplify your CSS.
  3. CSS multi-column – Use this to create multiple columns of flowing text or other elements.

Coding Tools to Learn in 2020

Web development expert Brad Traversy recommends learning the following coding tools to those who want to pursue a career in the field.

  1. The Necessities – Basic system tools for computer and OS, text editor/IDE, web browser, terminal, and design.
  2. CSS Frameworks
  3. Vanilla Javascript
  4. Basic Deployment
  5. Back End Development Tools – Server-side framework, database.
  6. Other Relevant Tools – Mobile development, progressive web apps.

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