How to install a Thrive Themes theme fast

by Dave | Uncategorized

Thrive Themes installed theme.

In this video we’re going to talk about how to install a Thrive Themes theme. Now if you’ve purchased the whole thing you should have options where you getting multiple choices with regards to themes and we’re going to dive right in and just get one of those installed. So from inside your WordPress account from dashboard, you can want to go down to appearance even want to go to themes.

And then there’s a number of different things that you can choose from by I’ve got the default theme. So right now there’s nothing fancy about this site. All it does is have I think the regular 2017 or whatever theme it is. But I want to go and choose a Thrive Themes fee.

And the reason is part of the reason why I do that is because they look good. But also I can connect them to my other services. And it works very well together. So let’s just choose for instance, try the rise, just click on Activate.

And if I go back to my site and refresh the screen, it’s installed. Now at this point, I’m definitely going to want to do some customization. So for instance, I’m probably going to want to replace this I might change the color, I definitely want to put a primary menu up here whole bunch of things, probably the first thing I would recommend do is put in the analytics, your Google Analytics.

Now Google Analytics, when you install it in the general of the analytics and scripts only, works on the landing pages. But now that we have a Thrive Themes theme installed, we can go ahead and install the analytics on all pages going forward. So from here, I want to scroll down and they want to go to the exact thing that I’ve installed which happens to be the rise they click on Theme Options.

Now we have a lot of things we can configure here it’s giving me the default so I can upload a new image for the logo I can change the background color the position of the logo, is there a phone number on there or not. And footer footer copyright information I suggest getting rid of the date unless it automatically update style and layout settings blog settings we’re gonna get back to analyst and scripts in a moment performance, do you want to do image optimization or not? Do you want to allow comments or not social media if you want to connect it up your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, all that kind of information can be included here, what is your four page going to be or stay on it and anything related to related post.

Now analytics and scripts i think is kind of one of the more important ones because if you’re going to grow your audience, you want to know what’s going on. So very much like the gen of the analytics and script you’ve got a choice and where you can put it. So I’m going to go into my Google Analytics account and get the code that I need. So I created this property I’ve got the tracking code here it is right here.

I’m going to copy it and make note it says copy and paste this code as the first item into the head of every web page you want to track now thrive teams will put it in the head section but won’t be the absolute first that is not important as long as in the head it will work properly so back into here I want to use the header script option and go ahead and simply paste in that code and then go ahead and save changes. So now any of my pages my blog pages that show up using the right theme will have Google Analytics tracking. That’s how you install a theme from Thrive Themes.