How to do a downsell using ConvertBox with ThriveCart

by Dave | convertbox

Convert box thrive cart down sell you’re going to see how when a visitor tries to leave your thrive cart checkout page we’re going to present a down sell offer through convert box and we’re going to use downtime or symbol thrive card and convert box that’d be honest thrive card has down sell capability built let’s dive right in and see what we can do so inside your convert box count you’re going to want to make sure you’re hooked up to your thrive card account you’ve created a campaign and a convert box.

Let’s go through the details. Here. I’m using a full page takeover. I’ve customized it so there’s a headline there’s a button, and this button is going to go to the special offer the thrive card special offer and I’ve also sent a countdown timer to four minutes and I’m also going to send a side thrive card the same countdown timer and they won’t be perfectly synced, but they are close for display.

We want to show it when a visitor tries to leave the page and I want to display it on the first page that they see in thrive card and for targeting. The thing I want to put here is I’m going to do I want to enable a goal here. So if they visit a specific page, which is the special offer, or the down sell that will register vehicle. So now inside thrive card, I’ve got two products. This is the original right here and this is the down sell offer.

In this page. The only thing you really need to do is make sure you’ve got tracking enabled and you’ve pasted in the JavaScript code from convert box for the second product. Because we are using the goal capability. We do also need to have tracking enabled. Also I want to customize the checkout page to have a countdown timer and this is set four minutes and I’m doing a reset countdown you could redirect them to whatever page or leave a message and I’m going to go ahead and close that.

So what I want to do now is test this out by going to the original pay the regional checkout page and when I try to leave I should get a full screen takeover page that has a link to the special offer and both of them will have a countdown timer so now I’m going to try and lead the page and this pops up so I’ve got four minutes if I click here I get redirected to convert box special and yes, the countdown timer slightly off, but there’s also the different price that’s how you can do it down, so with convert box and thrivecart.