How to customize the ThriveCart thank you page

ThriveCart custom thank you page.

In this video we’re going to talk about how you can customize the thank you page after somebody makes a purchase through your ThriveCart account.

Now this assumes you’re using WordPress and you have the URL parameter plugin installed and it’s the customized version that I’ll share with you and then what follows there are the short codes that you’re going to be using to display the first name, last name, and the email.

So let’s dive right in.

Inside your thrive card account there’s a few things you want to just make sure your about your product that you want to customize the thank you page for. So under fulfillment and you want to make sure you have a success URL. under checkout for success page you want to redirect to your custom page.

In a minute we’ll make a purchase but before that there’s a few things we need to do inside WordPress. First thing to do is install the URL parameter plugin. You can simply search for it, installed, this one activated. And we do need to customize it. So over here, I’m going to go to editor URL parameter.

And I’ve modified some code. So you want to come to here and copy all this, go back here, copy it, or edit this whole thing, just override it with that click on Update fields.

Now, go find your thank you page and we’re going to edit that and your thank you page might look like this display the first last email and then a message says hey, if it’s not correct, please contact us. Now you want to make some modifications so that you can actually display this so here we are. And we actually need to make this would be the default way that URL parameters works but because we’ve custom

I said we need to put a TC underscore just prior to this. Go ahead and update that and if you were to go view this page you would not see any information there. We need to actually make a purchase for that to show up. But let’s go ahead and make a purchase.

There’s the information or purchase information right there. That’s how you can customize your thank you page after somebody purchases through ThriveCart.

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