Google’s Search Results Not as Organic as Claimed

by Dave | Uncategorized


Google’s practices, including its search business, are being investigated. Attorneys general from almost all the states are banding together to form an antitrust probe into Google. While the initial focus was on the company’s advertising business, the investigation has branched into other areas, including search, which is said to be adulterated with human machinations. The company and its employees reportedly influence results to manifest top sources that they approve of. You can read more about this issue here.

How to Use FOMO in Marketing

You can appeal to consumers’ FOMO (Fear of Missing out) as much you do to their needs and desires, but using it as a marketing tactic can backfire if you don’t do it responsibly. Customers will be eventually be wise to deceptive FOMO tactics such as inflated numbers and exaggerated scenarios. The following are some tips on how to harness the FOMO sentiment without overdoing it.

  • Use realistic photos and designs.
  • Encourage and reward sharing.
  • Draw attention to perks and rewards.
  • Issue gentle reminders about limited availability.

Microsoft Looking to Integrate Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar with Outlook

According to reports, Microsoft is currently busy testing ways to fully integrate Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar with Outlook.They are clearly still at the early testing stage. Things are looking good, but there are still kinks to iron out, such as not being able to integrate more than one Gmail account as well as having the page refresh when switching between Gmail and Outlook. In any case, these are just reports from invited testers. Microsoft has yet to announce the release of any new product or feature related to this.