Get tracking setup in Thrive Themes for your landing pages

by Dave | Uncategorized

Thrive Themes analytics and scripts.

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to install analytics and scripts on your site. Now what I’m going to show you only applies to landing pages. So you’re going to want to make sure that you put this in the right place.

And then if you want to show up on the rest of your site, you’re going to have to do some configuration with the theme you choose. And ideally, you choose a Thrive Themes so that you can easily add that there. So let’s dive right in from inside your WordPress dashboard, you will want to go to thrive dashboard, scroll down, and you’re not going to want to go to general settings, you actually want to go to analytics and scripts, click on Manage scripts.

Now you’re given a few options here is you can either insert it before the closing head tag after the opening body or before the closing body tag. This is useful if you have a script like Google Tag Manager, which typically have something before the head and also after the body. But in this case, we’re just using Google Analytics.

And note it only inserts is on landing pages, not on all the pages on your site. So let’s go into Google Analytics. And I’ve set up a property and a website and I’m here and I can get the Google Analytics tags or script and go ahead and copy that.

And if you notice, it says you want to copy and paste this code as the first item in the head of every web page you want to track. Now it’s not going to start install it as the first item, they will install it prior to closing head tag. And that’s definitely good enough. If you’re using Google Tag Manager.

It’s certainly a lot more easy to do this. But honestly, this is not difficult. So I copied that code.I’m going to go back here and I’m going to insert it before the head coach, I want to click or do I want to click I want to add new and I am going to say before head paste this in and I’m going to give a label Google Analytics perfect and auto fill that for you click on continue and that’s it.

I need to actually do this turn click that to enable it. So that thing is now going to show up on any of the landing pages I create easy Thrive Themes. That’s how you install analytics and scripts on private things.