Factors to Consider in Choosing a Web Builder

If you’re interested in creating a website without doing any coding, choose the web builder that can serve you best. The following are the things to take into account when picking the web builder for your site.

  1. The purpose of your site.
  2. The cost you’re willing to invest.
  3. The user-friendliness of the web builder.
  4. The features it offers.
  5. Its capabilities for e-commerce.
  6. Its provisions for mobile responsiveness.
  7. Its options for integration.
  8. The credibility of the company.
  9. The quality of support it provides.
  10. The terms and payment options for its packages.
  11. The option to eventually move your website.

Most Common Web Design Mistakes

If you have a weak website design, your business may be affected. Here are the top three mistakes that many websites have committed on their design:

  1. Poor branding and messaging. This manifests in an obscure or altogether absent logo or the lack of value proposition that indicates what your business is all about. It’s essentially a missed chance to convince users that you can meet their intent.
  2. Unclear hierarchy. With the use of fonts, colors, placement, etc. leads should be able to navigate the site the way you want them to. Failure to influence their movement on the site is a wasted conversion opportunity.
  3. Lack of mobile responsiveness. There are lots of mobile users out there who quickly leave sites that frustrate them. Invest to ensure that your website is intuitive and easy to use for those on a mobile device.

Tech World Response to the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is clearly a global concern. It affects all sectors and all industries, the technology field included. It’s good to know that the biggest tech companies are taking active steps to appropriately address the pandemic. Here are examples:

  • Facebook has banned ads alluding to cures for the virus and is pointing users to legitimate sources.
  • Twitter is doing something similar as well as removing tweets about conspiracy theories and other insensitive material.
  • Amazon is ensuring that sellers are not price gouging essential items.

All three companies also encourage their employees to telecommute. You can read more about what the other tech giants are doing to help during this time of crisis here.

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