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by Dave | convertbox

Convert box review

In this video we’re going to cover how convert boxes easy to use, who some of their competitors are and actually how to use it. So let’s dive right in.

Yeah, if you go to the Convert box website, you’re going to see this. And right now, they’re kind of in a beta version. So you have to request an invite, or if you can get a direct link from somebody that will get you in. But as an example over here on the right, this is an example of a convert box. In this case, it has a picture of the person the top there, it’s got a message, a header, a subheading, there’s actually a video embedded looks like they’re collecting the email address where you can click claim your discount now and they’ve got a countdown timer.


So that’s pretty much all the features that get put into convert box, scroll down a little bit and it just kind of lead you to know what’s going on. You can target visitors specifically for instance, that have been on your site who’ve already signed up and have been added to your mailing list. And of course you can help with boosting sales, reducing cart abandonment, that type of stuff. They do have to step call to actions, a very simple, you know, ask a question type thing, you click here to submit and takes them to the next step. So if you go through here, you’ll get an idea of what’s possible countdown timers you can segment people and you can actually speak directly to them with their information. And actually that’s not quite out there yet but it will be soon.


And right now there’s a few different styles you can slide in from the side that can have a notification bar on top, a modal window that pops up in the middle and a full page display and you can trigger that based on either people trying to leave the page or clicking a pop up or certain amount of time has passed and just about everything is customizable and they will have a different editor coming out relatively soon.


And here’s some examples of what you can do you know if somebody already has a tag or not or has visited particular page you can display different convert boxes and you know what instead of keep scrolling down let’s just dive right into the account here so as an example here’s an account I have you can have multiple websites and it gives you a dashboard right here that tells you how many people clicks leads etc over different timeframes and you can look at views clicks or leads down below this is kind of where you do the work.


Now first off, you’re going to want to have at least one campaign and within that you will have at least one convert box and what I’ve done is typically have a campaign per site type thing and then whatever convert boxes are appropriate for that site I put inside that campaign. So for instance, for this site, I’ve got four different convert boxes that could run I’m just going to close that and before we go too far I guess their stats you can just be a little more specific on what you want to see and there’s some account settings for instance you can update your profile, the embed code, which is nice, it’s generic, you can use a WordPress plugin, of course, if you have WordPress, they give you the exact code to embed. And the nice thing is even if you update your convert box, you do not need to update the code that’s involved or you can simply send the instructions to a developer and have them installed which is basically take this code and go ahead and emebbed that.
What about email?

Email Systems

What else is there settings let me see what that Okay, oh right. You can connect to a number of different email systems in general and some other ones. I’m using Active Campaign. But it looks like AWeber, Infusionsoft, Ontraport number of different emails. You can have a custom HTML form. And what else was there? billing, I don’t think we need to really go through there. But let’s go back to the dashboard and show you an example. So let’s go into this campaign.


And we’re going to edit this convert box and I’ll show you what you can do. But there are some nice things you can look at specific stats, you could reset if you want, clone it, which is a great feature makes it easy just to make some slight modifications. And then you can move to a site or delete but I’m going to go ahead and edit this. But let me just show you first the preview. So in this case, I know this is the full window takeover and that’s all it is. It’s got a picture of me the name and then it’s got a call to action and then the email address which is connected to ActiveCampaign. I’ll show you that specifically.


So there’s the name. And what’s nice is you just click along the top next will take you to the next step. But I think there’s a back once you get going, and you can save it exit it. But we basically go to set up a customized display and targeting. So I gave it a name and associated with a particular campaign and then you choose the type of convert box you want to use. So you can use the bar on the top, you could have a slide in our center modal and full page. So I’m using a full page. But let me just show you. For instance, if I do this center modal, and I’m going to go to the next step. And this is where you get a change the look and feel. And this is what it looks like. So let me actually go back change to a bar and then show you what it looks like.

Full Page

And then one more time actually two more because I’m going to show you a few different ones. And I go back and actually I am doing a full page on this one. And this is where you get a customized if you notice if you run your mouse over it you can see that it highlights different sections. So for instance, if I click on this, I can now click and edit the text. And I have some limited capabilities on formatting so I can make it bold, underline italics or I could strike through.


Now if I go back here and I click on layout options, you can see the different things I’ve enabled the profile which is this picture up here. So the toggle that on and off there’s the headline on and off. I could have a sub headline I didn’t I could have an image I didn’t I could embed a video but I didn’t. I definitely have the button. No I don’t. Yes, I do, no I don’t opt in form. Now one thing is known as watch what happens when I toggle button and watch what happens to the opt in form it turns one off or turns the other on. I’m going to go back down here and do opt in and I can have a countdown timer.

Countdown Timer

So I’m going to double click on that. And the length of the countdown timer. It depends on whether it starts at the visitor views convert box, or do you just want to hard code in a date? So if I wanted to hard code in a date, I could do something like that. And what time of day do you want to expire, which is nice change. The color of labels can be changed days, minutes, hours, seconds, I’m not gonna do anything like that. Matter of fact, I’m not even going to use this. So I’m going to go back here and turn this off. Here’s probably the feature, you know, like the most. So I clicked on this, I can edit this, I could start typing and change that. But really, I want to go to set up form actions. And I’ve set for instance, when somebody subscribes a URL that they can redirect to, I could simply show them the thank you message, but I want them to go to a specific page because I’m actually tracking I could pass the form values in the URL parameters and maybe pick those up on the thank you page if I want to. But from here I’m going to click on setup form actions.

… then magic

And this is kind of where the magic happens. So when a form is submitted, what do you want to have happen. So I’m doing two things, I’m putting them onto a list and then adding them to an automation. So let’s just say I want to do a third thing.


So you want to select the integration and I’ve got IntegratePro and another Active Campaign account. I’ve also got the webhook capability and not going to use that but I’m just showing you let’s go back to IntegratePro and then decide what I want to do. I want to add them to a list, move them add them to an automation or remove them add them a tag, remove a tag, add a new tag or add them to a form so I definitely have a lot of options there so for instance I might do that and then it’s nicely will show me all the lists that I have same with for instance, automations, right now I’ve got a lot here you can’t see them all. There’s definitely a lot of them. Anyways, that is probably one of the most powerful features of convert box.

Next step

And then going on to the next step, once you got the way way you like it, just simply go to next and long way if you want, you can click on save. Now show this convert box on pages on my website. So I want them to click on a link and I have to have this code to the link that they click on.


Alternatively I could have it if they want to leave the page if they’ve been active/inactive for a period of time they scroll to a certain percentage of the page or just show after a specific amount of time. And that is that one is very appropriate for mobile versus if they try to leave so as far as I know you can’t tell if somebody’s trying to leave until they’ve left whereas on it desktop, you can indicate somebody leading by their mouse going up to the top.


You can also show it immediately or showed a mill immediately is a welcome mat above your page, which basically pushes the content down.

And this one, I believe, if I remember, right, yeah, you can basically wrap convert box around an external web page. Now I’d be careful on this know some people don’t like having their content wrapped on iframe owned by somebody else. But it can certainly be done. So if I go back here, I’m showing this immediately if I wanted to, actually I don’t remember I think I added as when they click a link Yeah, there it is.


But if I wanted to show it immediately, I could say for how many for each visitor for a maximum number of 10 views and how many per day type things you can really set the rules and do you want to display on all pages or specific pages and this case. You can say I want to include these pages, I want to exclude these pages. But notice, there are a lot of options. I’m going to go back to the way it was, which is if a visitor clicks a link on my page, I want somebody to proactively do that.


Moving on next to targeting, you can set a goal and you stop showing this if they visit a specific page, in my case, what I’m trying to accomplish, get somebody to sign up. And if they actually sign up, they get to a specific page. And once they’ve seen that page, I don’t want them to see a convert box again. So very easy to do that. And then you want to click on Finish. And you can either go to dashboard or go to editor and that’s it. It’s relatively simple to set up, you know, you choose what you’re going to display and what kind of format what actions you want to have happen.


How often do you want people to see it, you need to install the embed code on your website either through a WordPress plugin or hard coded in but one way or the other you need to have that on the site now you probably wonder what why would I need this if I have something like Thrive Leads well you don’t need it you certainly get a lot more capability with something like this versus what’s built into a number of different for instance a WordPress page builders it’s got a lot more flexibility gives you a lot more options and gives you a lot of control over what can happen when somebody visits your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ConvertBox?

ConvertBox is a way to offer personalized lead capture forms and segmentation funnels to the right visitors at the right time to help you convert visitors into customers.

Does ConvertBox work with MailChimp?

ConvertBox works with a number of different email service providers including ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConvertKit, Drip, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Ontraport and more.

How much does ConvertBox cost?

Currently, ConvertBox is priced at $295 USD for one time purchase.  It is likely that sometime in the future it will be priced as a monthly and annual subscription.

Is ConvertBox better than OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is a lead generation plugin specifically for WordPress that charges a subscription price.  ConvertBox is a lead capture form that works across multiple platforms and is priced as a one time purchase.  For those reasons, ConvertBox is better than OptinMonster

That’s my convert box review.

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