Changing Your Email Marketing Mindset

by Dave | Blog


When you think of email marketing, does your mailing list come to mind? To harness the true power of that list, you have to stop thinking of it as a list and start thinking of it as a database. By doing so, you can sort your contacts in such a way that you’re able to send personalized communications, delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. The change in mindset will allow you to improve your performance and increase value, giving your customers a better experience as well as reducing the number of contacts and leads that go to waste.

Best Practices for Getting More Email Subscribers

As the pandemic rages around the globe, companies are compelled to conduct business online, making this a very good time to grow your mailing list. Here are some tips you can apply to get more email subscribers.

  • Make sure there’s an email signup form on your website.
  • Use a lightbox for capturing attention and tracking intent.
  • Offer a lead capture (freebie) in exchange for an email address.
  • Give away discount coupons to first-time email subscribers.
  • Include an email opt-in at checkout.

Google Factors in UX into Search Results

With Google’s intent to favor websites that offer better UX, it’s time to tweak your SEO efforts to include improved user experience. According to reports, the new ranking factor will be gauged using a combination of quantifiable metrics such as speed, visual stability, responsiveness, https, safe browsing, mobile friendliness, and absence of pop-ups. There’s time to make the necessary improvements since Google won’t be rolling out this ranking modification until 2021.