Andres Chaperon’s AutoresponderMadness ActiveCampaign

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Active Campaign AutoresponderMadness.

In this video, we’re going to talk about my implementation of Andre Chaperone’s autoresponder madness in Active Campaign. Now Andre covers a lot of content and we’re not going to actually dive into how he does or what he does, but we’re going to talk about the implementation of his method inside Active Campaign. He uses something called soap opera sequences and he definitely use a segmentation and there’s also a product launch sequences that he goes into.

So I plucked off this little screenshot and it kind of captures what’s going on. So it starts on the left hand side, somebody signs up gets put into what he calls the main soap opera sequence. And then over time, you’re sending out emails on a regular basis.

You’re building up preeminence as your authority you’re giving so email one email to email three now where it gets interesting is along the way. People can do something highly click a link that sends them off to somewhere else and delivers content based on that quick. In other words, if I’ve clicked a link in an email about a particular subject I’m going to follow up with another set of emails about that subject because effectively they said they’re interested so let’s give them what they want.

Now, one thing he doesn’t talk about but I have a feeling he would like this is pulling people out of the main soap opera sequence and not disturbing them while they’re in a sub-soap opera sequence. And I suspect with his newer version of autoresponder madness coming out shortly that might be included. But I’d like to show you my implementation if you have a chance I’d suggest checking out autoresponder madness.

If you sign up you’re going to get into something it looks like this and it’s a full blown course it takes you to step by step through all the things that are important part of this. You know what to expect the big picture understand your audience loops open a nested the closed loop open in nested loops. And if you ever if you’re on Andres email list and you get one of these soap opera sequences it can be painfully frustrating because he is so good at telling a story and what I’ll do is a lead you adjust to the edge before you reveal something as Oh I’ll tell you about it tomorrow but it’s incredible the storytelling capability. And then there’s more soap opera sequences segmenting your list and product launch sequences so let’s dive right in.

Inside your Active Campaign account, you’re going to want to set up you know let’s call it the main soap opera sequence I’ve called it autoresponder madness. So, it’s pretty obvious doesn’t know how people get in there. You know, you just want to make sure it’s appropriate they’re there in automation and all I want to do is I’m sending that email after email after email that are story based it’s serialized and again autoresponder madness covers of details.

Great! So I’m just going to build let’s call it a simple. Both automation that goes out once per day, and it can go forever. So here’s what I’m going to do, then create an email, wait a day, send the next email, etc.

Now you’ve noticed all I’ve done is duplicated the same email over and over. So obviously that is not what I would want to do. Now along the way, I’m going to have a link that goes somewhere and when somebody clicks that I want to spin them off. I don’t want to disturb them. I want them to savor, enjoy whatever other content comes from there.

So in this implementation, what I would do is each email if there is a link and it sure as heck doesn’t look like there is but I’m going to go ahead and ask Wanting Francis this email. So let’s just say thank you for whatever this would be a little bit fancier click here. Now, if somebody clicks here, let’s give it a link for, and this would send them off to like an SOS seeker soap opera sequence, you would want to add an action.

And in this case, I’m doing doing it, I can do a couple things. I could add them to an automation, but really what I want to do is add a tag and there’s a good reason for doing that. Now this let’s send them over to soap opera sequence one and I think it’s called I called it profile SOS.

Maybe I don’t. Anyways, what I’ve done there is if somebody clicks there, I’m tagging them and the reason I’m going to do that is because of what I’m going to show you next. Like I said, these would all be different emails, they would have different links and on. But if in case somebody actually clicks that link right there, I want to tag them.

And then I’m going to go into another automation. Here I am in soap opera sequence one, somebody gets added when these, this profile tag is added. And I typically want to do it once. I don’t want to put them back in there. So if they were to click on that link again, and they had the tag removed, for whatever reason, there’s no reason for them to come back in here once.

So again, this would be a sequence of emails spread out over time with a potential link click that would send them to a sales page. Now, what I also want to do in here is kind of important for keeping people separate from the main automation. So I’m at right here soon as they enter I’m going to apply another tag and it’s the infamous do this or tag in other words, they’re busy now they’re going to go through the sequence in the very end.

Guess what I’m going to remove that day and click on Do Not Disturb. So while they’re in this soap opera sequence, we’re not going to disturb them with anything else. So if we send out a broadcast we want to exclude anybody that has this tag.

Now let’s go back into here and do this. So I want to put in a little bit another option right here. So we’re going to do a condition or a wait state I should say wait for specific conditions to be met and I’m going to say tag does not exist – Do Not Disturb.

So this is the magic that we’re adding to autoresponder madness. And I’m going to leave it as Do Not Disturb and think about this. Somebody comes in, they go to this email, they click a link they get put into another office automation, and I don’t want them to receive an email after email after email, just hammering. I want to keep them focused on what they’ve expressed. Interesting.

So soon as they’ve done that, they come here and they wait. If they have this tag, if they don’t have the tag, they go to this wait state. And then I repeat that every, every time I send an email, I do a conditional or wait until they do not have the Do Not Disturb tag. So again, just here it is, does not exist Do Not Disturb.

So what you’re doing is you’re respecting your audience’s interest. So if they start on one subject, which is your main soap opera sequence, but then they self select and put themselves into another one. You do not want to disturb them while they’re in that one. So as soon as they’re done here, they will continue with the main automation so this is the one for people to kind of self-select and what I like to call choose your own adventure and receive emails that they’re interested in.

That’s my implementation of Andre Chaperone and AutoresponderMadness in ActiveCampaign.