Adjusting ActiveCampaign Delay Time

ActiveCampaign delay time

We’re going to figure out what happens if you change the delay time and contacts already at that delay state.

So let’s dive right in.

A lot of times people will put up a 1000 day wait, if they don’t want to end and automation, just as a way to hold somebody in that automation. But what if you put somebody into their they’re waiting for 1000 days and you want to change it to a day, or even five minutes do they immediately move on because they’ve already been through for five minutes, or what?

So to start, let’s go ahead and check the current time which is, so I’m going to add a person to this automation.

And so they go in at 1253. And they’re sitting here waiting. So I will come back in about six minutes at and edit this so that they’re in a five minute wait, and then we’ll check to see if they move immediately because they’ve already been in for five minutes or if they wait for five minutes from that going forward.

Okay, let’s check the current time was 1153. It’s now or sorry now it’s 1259. So it’s been six minutes so they’ve been there at least five minutes. Now I’m going to go edit this and change it to five minutes.

Five minutes is the smallest amount of time you can allocate for a delay is still and refresh this doesn’t look like anything has happened.

So if it’s a five minute wait, but world checked in every minute, current time is 1pm still here current times one on one that’s refresh this still their current time is one or two still at the five minute wait times 103 still in the delay still in the delay 105 and has moved on to the next step.

That’s what happens when you modify the delay time in an Active Campaign automation.

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