ActiveMember360 Special Pages

by Dave | activemember360

Activemember360 special pages.

In this video we’re going to cover the different special pages that you can define inside activemember360. So let’s dive right in. Before we continue, I want to mention that we have a free master class that goes into the details of how to create a membership site so you can start selling your online courses in an afternoon. Just go to

So inside your WordPress site activemember360 you want to go to plugin options and special pages. Now there’s a few here if you don’t do anything, no big deal. It basically falls back to whatever WordPress provides as a default. So if you don’t have a login page or let me rephrase that.

If you want a custom login page, you’re going to want to define a page that’s called login typically and you’re also going to need to do something like add the NPR login form short code. This will allow you to place in a login form on a particular page.

And some things you can do. You can have labels, you can put in username email address, you can do a redirect which is kind of an important one. So for instance to a specific URL after they login and here’s some examples down here. Just straight up in br login form force display and this will redirect to a specific page and if anything that’s probably the most valuable option right there.

So I could choose a page I already have created or I can create a new one and do that, you can ever registration page, now the thing is you can have an internal registration page inside WordPress or you can point to somewhere else. So if somebody needs to register you can send them to for instance, like a sales page.

The default those if you define both of those, the external page will have priority. There’s the option for an excerpt upsell page and also a 404 page not found. And then finally, as always in the notes section I’d recommend if you do make changes to date it, put your name in there and then say what it’s all about.

So that’s active member 360 special pages, go to to get the details on how to create a membership site and start selling your online courses in an afternoon.