ActiveMember360 Passwords

by Dave | activemember360

Active member 360 passwords.

In this video, we’re going to cover the options you have available inside ActiveMember360 with regards to passwords, so let’s dive right in. Before we continue, I want to mention that we have a free masterclass that goes into the details of how to create a membership site so you can start selling your online courses in an afternoon, just go to

So inside your WordPress account, you’re going to want to go to ActiveMember360, plugin options and passwords. You know, there’s a few things you can change. One is to store encrypted passwords and Active Campaign or not. Now, I don’t know the full ramifications of this. But I suspect once you’ve done that it makes it a little more difficult or maybe even impossible to actually send out passwords from Active Campaign to the user.

Not 100% sure on that. But I think there’s some definite downsides to that. Now, in general, I typically leave it as is in other words, they’re playing text. And yes, I know that’s not great for security. So if you have concerns, consider using the encrypted password option. Otherwise leave it as is.

And you can set a minimum password or and or a maximum password length required by default the means 8 the max is 16. The allowed character set you can put in whatever you want here and they don’t do a lot here. They do have some special characters at the end, but mostly it’s letters, numbers, I should say letters capital and lowercase numbers in some special characters.

You might consider pulling out like the letter L or one because a lot of times those get confused but honestly somebody really should just copy paste in the password. And as usual, if you do make some changes here I’d make a note in the Settings panel that says the date your name and what you did.

So that’s ActiveMember360 passwords. Go to to get the details on how to create a membership site and start selling your online courses in an afternoon.