ActiveMember360 Login Settings

by Dave | activemember360

Active member 360 login settings.

We’re going to talk about what you can do for logging in members. So let’s go ahead and dive right in.

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Inside your WordPress membership site with active number 360 installed you want to go to active member360 plugin options and the first one is login settings. So there’s a number of different things you can do in here. For instance you can always require a login I do not recommend that basically your site is unseeable to the outside world. You might want to have that so that you can show at least what’s inside there so you can toggle that on and off if you want.

You can or cannot have a tag that band somebody from the site completely. It’s kind of an easy way to override all your other permissions by just having a tag that basically blackail someone, Yeah, that’s probably the right word so that no matter what, they can’t get in there, if you’ve got a bad customer, you get person that’s trolling you. That’s something you might want to consider.

The next option is do you want to allow login without a membership? So in other words, can they get in with or without that now depends on what you’re offering. In my opinion, if you have a free course you’ve might not even require purchase obviously, but a tag but if you can allow them to log in without a membership tag, they can get in there without having access. The only thing about that is, that contact may or may not be in your active member or Active Campaign account. Maybe you want to have that there so that’s something to think about. I you should just leave the default.

And here’s a last login custom field. Now this is useful if you have if you want to track when your client was last in there. Now what you can do with something like this is set up an automation in Active Campaign that looks at the person’s last login. And if after a certain number of days, they haven’t logged in, you can send them a reminder email. This is especially useful if you’ve got content that’s dripped out over time. And you want to make sure somebody is consuming it. You can easily set up a reminder automation based on that date custom field, the last login inside Active Campaign. Then down below there’s the next to our automation to run on login automation to run on log out. So every time somebody logs in or logs out, you can run an automation and that again, that’s one of those things that might be useful. You can update a score of some sort, you could send a zap to a Google Sheet do whatever. It’s basically a way of keeping track of usage in your membership site.

Last one, we typically do use this. For instance, if somebody has signed up for the very first time they’re logging in, you might send them to a page a welcome page or page that explains exactly what they’re getting, what to do next steps that type of stuff. The great thing is you can override that with some content in your links that prevent that but that’s that’s the login settings for active member360 and not a bad idea to also leave notes behind like the date your name and what you did if you made a change but as you can tell this is the default settings for active member360 login settings and I’m not going to make any changes from there.

So that’s the active number 360 login settings go to to get the details on How to create a membership site and start selling your online courses in an afternoon.