ActiveMember360 Logging

by Dave | Uncategorized

ActiveMember360 logging. In this video, we’re going to cover what ActiveMember360 can do for logging and why you might want to use it. So let’s dive right in.

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Inside WordPress from your dashboard, you want to go to ActiveMember360, Click on plugin options, and then click on logging. And there really isn’t much choice here, you can enable or not enable API logging, and web hook logging. And you can keep track of how many calls you want to record or not.

If you put zero in there, it’s going to just keep logging in many as come in. If you put any other number greater than zero, it’ll only record or keep those most recent ones. And if you do use it, again, I would recommend using the note section to date it, sign it effectively, in your reason.

Now in general, hopefully you don’t want or even need to have this running. And what it’s good for is if you’re having any kind of issues, if something’s not working, you’re setting something up, you’re trying to get it to work with Active Campaign, which it does. And for whatever reason, let’s say a customer’s not getting access, they’ve tried to log in, but they’re not getting the access you expect.

This is where this comes in useful for figuring things out. So if you end up contacting supportive ActiveMember360, they’ll typically ask you to turn this on, so that you can record what’s going on. And then that information gets taken look at and hopefully evaluate or you can help you evaluate what’s going on.

So when I do use this, I take quickly turn it on. When I think there’s a problem, I put it Yes, yes, I’d leave it at zero. Because I want to capture everything. And then when I’m done with it, everything’s working, I basically come back and say no, no, and then save changes.

Now this, where are the results? Well, give me to go into utilities, Yeah!, and right here, this is the API log Do you want to click on that. And all the responses or the information that’s been come in will be in here. You can tell it how many results you want to display.

And then you can simply search for anything in particular, now because I haven’t had this on, at least for a while. There’s no logs in there. So there’s no data to work with at this time. But this is really useful for debugging. If you have any kind of problems with Active Campaign and ActiveMember360 talking to each other.

So that’s ActiveMember360 logging, go to to get the details on how to create a membership site and start selling your online courses in an afternoon.