ActiveMember360 Content Access Options

by Dave | activemember360

ActiveMember360 content access options is what we’re going to cover in this video so let’s dive right in.

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Inside your WordPress account, you want to go to ActiveMember360 plugin options, content access options, and I’ll be honest, there isn’t much here. So for people that have access they have I’m not gonna say admin exactly, but depending on their role, what do you want to have them able to do?

Now use this super administrator basically can do anything but what do you want like the next level down to be able to do and then I’ll be honest, the only one I really think is important here is you probably do want to suppress the WordPress toolbar and the reason would be because you might have somebody who is an admin but also a customer but why show them that navigation at the top so i would suggest having this set to yes and then go ahead and save changes.

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