ActiveMember360 Cache Options

by Dave | activemember360

ActiveMember360 Cache Options.

In this video we’ll talk about the cache options available for ActiveMember360 and they’re actually very limited and usually we take this into account when we’re building a membership site.

So let’s dive right in.

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Inside WordPress, you want to go to ActiveMember360, plugin options. And you want to scroll down to cache options. And really, you don’t have much choice, the default is six hours, you can go as low as one hour as much as 24 hours.

And this is the amount of time between when ActiveMember360 capture some information about the contact vert and then we’ll have to actively search out for more information. So in other words, if it said to six hours and they come back to visit the page, ActiveMember360 is going to make a call back to Active Campaign to look for information.

Now this can be caused strain on your web server or your account with campaign. And the argument for keeping it as short as possible is if you have updated information that’s occurring frequently, versus things that don’t change very often you can push it out to 24 hours.

And the reason you want to keep it at least an hour obviously and more is so that if for whatever reason you send a number of people to your membership site at the same time, you don’t want to have ActiveMember360 calling back to Active Campaign like 1000, 10,000 hundred thousand times all at once.

If people have already been logged in recently, it won’t need to make a call back to check their permission levels. So really all I’m saying is just leave it at six hours is my best recommendation.

That’s ActiveMember360 Cache Options.

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