ActiveMember360 Autologin

by Dave | activemember360

ActiveMember360 Auto login.

Now what I’m going to suggest is something slightly different, let’s call it a pseudo auto login. When somebody purchases, they get redirected to a thank you page that has the auto login link embedded instead of directly into the members area. And yes, I realized that kind of defeats the purpose of auto login. However, it guarantees a seamless experience and gives you a chance to message the customer appropriately.

So I’ve got a link right there, that’s thrive cart providing some code on how to implement it. Now the reason I bring this up because I’ve seen four different scenarios occur when auto login is enabled. So a purchase is made, the person is redirected and they get put into the members area seamlessly. No login, no hesitation, it works perfect. The next three are kind of less than ideal. Purchase occurs, and for whatever reason the checkout page, thank you, the checkout thank you page gets displayed, and then it continues to the members area.

So yes, they end up getting auto logged in, but there’s this hesitation there. Third one is purchase the display checkout page to get shown, and then redirected to the login page and other words, the auto login timed out before there could be the connection made that would allow the person to log in. And the last one is purchases made the checkout page, the default checkout page for the shopping cart display, and that’s it.

It doesn’t go anywhere else. So those last three are I think, are there are caused by kind of a slow connection either Active Campaign not responding to the request for the auto login, or your website, taking too long to load and the shopping cart is timed coming out saying, whoops, I tried long enough, I’m just going to stop here. So rather than kind of allow the customer to suffer through that, let’s make it so they get pushed to a thank you page but all they have to do is click a button, they don’t have to know a password, they don’t have to know their email. You’ll get that to them later and they’re automatically logged in.

So let’s dive right in. So inside your thrive card account, you might have something looks like this for the fill up page. The success URL, in this case, I have a bump offer has the MBR auto login equals and then a code, which will auto log the person after they purchased. Now that can work very well and it does often but like they said, there can be issues. So instead, what you’re going to want to do is have your own page your own thank you page that people get redirected to, you’re gonna have to have some custom code on that.

But instead directing to the MBR, auto login, you’re going to simply go to the thank you page. And on that page, you’re going to display whatever you want but basically, there’s going to be a button or a link that allows them to click on it and auto login. So let me show you an example of that. So here’s the thank you page, I’ve got the video auto plan now, I’m just going to pause it right there for a second and the way I’ve got this setup is after a certain amount of time buttons going to pop up.

So notice this is says login, it’s not going to auto log them in because they we haven’t, we don’t have any information from the shopping cart to say this person is allowed in. So if I click on this, all it’s going to do is send me to the login page because I haven’t been verified. So notice there’s a login button there, I do not have access to this content. So that’s in case somebody shows up on your thank you page effectively uninvited.

Now let’s go ahead and make it test purchase. Now I’m going to do this incognito just to make sure there’s no issues. So I’m going to go here. Now I’m going to the same page, and the auto This is starting to play and in 10 seconds, there’s going to be a button that shows up down here. And it also include a message, now notice this is a little bit different. And if you look down at the bottom left hand corner, you’re going to see the link that it has and notice it does not have your MBR auto login code in there, it’s hidden behind the scenes, we don’t want to expose that.

And notice there’s a lot of information up here this query string information gets parsed and if it’s valid, then this link this information is appropriate. So now when I click, I’m logged in, I have access to my profile and I now have access to the course. That’s how you can use the auto login capability of ActiveMember360 for people to click on an access their purchase.