ActiveCampaign Welcome Series

by Dave | activecampaign

Active Campaign welcome series.

In this video, we’re going to cover what to include in an Active Campaign welcome series when somebody joins your mailing list. In my opinion, the biggest thing you want to do is deliver what you promised. Now with that said, you don’t have to make it super easy for that to happen.

Personally, I don’t want somebody to actually just put in a fake email address and expect that thank you page is going to have what they want. Rather, I want to have them go through a few things to get what they asked for not impossible, not difficult but if they’re interested, they’ll do it.

And I want people to engage, I want them to click, I want them to reply, and then in my opinion, you do not want to disturb them while they’re going to a welcome series and I’ll show you how to do that. And then finally, decide if you want to keep or remove these people at the end of a welcome series.

If somebody is going to be interested in your list and what you’re offering and what you’re doing, it’s likely that are going to engage early on, if they don’t, the likelihood is they’re not the right person for you. So let’s dive right in.

So by way of an example, here’s a opt in page I have 30 simple, there’s really only one thing you can do, well two click the button, sign up or leave and I’m making a simple promise when you you can get this guy that has automation, some code snippet and checklists for doing this.

So all I do is ask for an email address, nothing, nothing, nothing too difficult to do so submit that they get put on to a list and get put into a number of automation in Active Campaign. So in this case, I’ve got four different automation, they go to three of them prior to even getting kind of my welcome series. So let’s just share how it starts.

When somebody signs up for that list first thing I do is they put them into an automation called signup and guess what, I immediately put the I’m into another automation called confirm and the reason I do that is I’m not using the double opt in process, I’m not requiring them to click a link in an Active Campaign email.

I don’t really want to put in there but I do want to make sure that they’re interested. So what my confirmation process looks like is this. We send an email, and we wait a day and then we wait till 8am in my timezone, we could do their time zone, but I’ll be honest, oftentimes, the geo location in here isn’t perfect.

So I just fixed the time. I know at 8am it’s early for me could be early for them. Send the same email again and then I wait another day I wait till 1pm my time zone, send the email one more time. Wait for a day wait till 7pm I could send it again. Now note, it’s the same email over and over.

Why would I send that to them three times over the course of a few days? Well, I want them to confirm. So let me just show you what the contents of this email looks like. So this is the first email they get, pretty simple, right? All I’m asking them to do is click here to confirm can’t miss that.

And the important thing that happens is one we send them to a thank you page. So probably more important is that I’m tagging them as confirmed, they verified that they’re interested in what they signed up for. So that’s my method for doing that.

And like I said, it’s surely looks like I’m sending it to him three times over a few days. Well, once they click that, guess what happens, they get pulled all the way down to the bottom and notice this goal is profile membership confirmed.

In other words, did they click on the link, if they did, we pulled them all the way down to the bottom here. So in theory, they could get this first email, click on the link, and never see the other emails. But if they don’t, I’m giving them a chance to actually confirm their interest.

Now, if they’ve made it through all of these, and they get down to the bottom, this is the point where I actually unsubscribe them. If I can’t get somebody to click on the link in the very first email that I send, they’re not really that interested so they get unsubscribe from a list and they also exit the membership signup automation that they were in.

So instead of continuing through here, they immediately exit, they’re done. They’re on subscribe, they’re no longer in my universe. But if they do click, what happens is this. So they’ve came in here, they’ve got put into this automation and then they sit here at this goal, which is basically the same as the other goal.

As long once they have this tag, they continue on. But in this case, it’s wait until the conditions are met. So they actually have to click the link. If they don’t remember, they’re going to get pulled out. So this person here, we’ve sent at least one confirmation email and they still haven’t clicked.

As soon as they click, they will move on. Now, here’s the next thing. So I send out an email what I promised, I wait a day, and I send it again so your monitor will why would I send effectively the same thing and wait another day?

Well, guess what, I’ve got a goal down here, which says if they have any of these tags, and I’ll explain in a minute how that works, then pull them out. So after this first email gets sent, there’s some links in there. If they click on any of those links, they get tagged, let’s take a look at that.

So at this point, they’ve clicked the link that says they’re confirmed or interested now I’m ready to deliver it. But guess what I make it a little bit challenging to me that I’m asking for them to tell me something about themselves. So in this case, it’s about a membership site, they plan to do it by themselves, or they might want some other options, or they want me my team to do it.

So I want to segment them a little bit by giving them an option to click on the link. Now, this link here goes to the same page, each of these links are slightly different, we put something in the query string that makes them a little bit different.

So here’s what it looks like, if I click on this link, if they click on this link, it’s got this DIY at the end and then we apply a tag called profile membership DIY and the other tags are very similar. I think this is the DWI and then DFY and that way I apply a tag that specific based on what their interest is.

Now you’re thinking Well, great, they could just click on all three, and they get all three tags. Well, guess what? That’s not the case so let me show you that automation next. So just to go back, here we are, we came in here, if we made if we confirm we keep continuing and then if we want what we asked for, we click one of these links that are in here or all three, but we you only take into account the results from the first link.

As soon as they’re done, this automation is complete. Now, they come into this automation here and they can come in here through multiple options right here and once they’ve done that, we put them put them down to this if conditional check, and we say do they have the Do Not Disturb thing or not.

Now the first time they come through here, they should not have and then we put them down here, apply a tag and then we wait for five minutes. Now they very well could click on any of the other tags and that’s a little bit problematic and at that point, I kind of have to make a judgment call.

I know in this case, most people are clicking on this tag most second most or this third most of this. So then let’s just say they clicked on this one within five minutes they’re going to come in, they’re going to go down this other path, which is basically going to exit them out of the automation.

But if they come in here, and we applied the Do Not Disturb wait five minutes, then we check, do they have the DIY tag, if they do we go clean up the other tags, we remove them. If they don’t have it, then we check on the DWI and then we do some cleanup here and then if they don’t have that, then we check for this and if if they do have that we get rid of the other tags, we basically want them to have one tag.

And at the very end of that which is the total five minutes, we’re going to apply a Do Not Disturb tag and at that point they exit. So we’ve actually got some information on these people we know if they’re a do it yourselfer done with you or a done for you type person.

And then finally, the last automation after all that is said and done that we want to put them into is called just basically the active there, they’ve gone through, they’ve confirmed, they click the Download button by and they’ve also told me some information about themselves then I put him into what I would call the welcome series.

And at this point, first thing I want to do is apply a Do Not Disturb tag and I’ll be honest, I think this is the most important part because you may be sending out emails to your list on a daily basis. My opinion, you do not want to include people that are new, you want to give them a chance to consume your content, then put them into the daily rotation when they do not have this tag.

So when we’re in here, this automation, we apply it to start. At the very end, we remove it. So now when you send out your daily broadcast weekly broadcast, they’re going to receive it but not while they’re in here.

And then my other thing they typically do is I set the time zone to be consistent. I always want to send at a time and get them to expect that’s going to happen. So in this case, I’m setting up for 7am in my time zone singing email one way today, send email two granted I’m just copying this and notice it’s draft mode.

But at this point, I’ve gotten people that have basically said yes, I’m interested, here’s a little bit of information about me and now I’m going to send my welcome series too.

So that’s the Active Campaign Welcome series.