ActiveCampaign – Google Sheet Integration

by Dave | Blog


Good news! You can now sync your Google Sheets to ActiveCampaign, and update rows with contact data. No need to leave platforms or use third party tools. All you have to do is connect your Google account to your ActiveCampaign account, and you can start building automations in one smooth flow.

Be aware, though, that the integration only runs one-way, meaning, the integration only works by syncing contact data from your ActiveCampaign account into a Google Sheet. If you wish to add or update contacts from Google Sheet into ActiveCampaign, you can use their Automatic Importer.

With the introduction of this new integration, data reporting has been simplified. In need of reports using ActiveCampaign data? Do you need to share statistics and information based on lists, tags, and behavior recorded via your automations but cannot share access to your ActiveCampaign account? No more worries. This integration is key to improving internal processes in your brand and removes manual errors in data reporting that can compromise your brand’s data consistency and image, it even makes report generation faster.

If you wish to connect your Google Sheets to ActiveCampaign now, simply follow the instructions here:

ActiveCampaign – Shopify Integration

Aside from the previous announcement of connecting Google Sheets with ActiveCampaign, we are also excited to inform you that ActiveCampaign can now integrate with Shopify. Yes, you read it right, Shopify and ActiveCampaign now works together and by together we mean they work better together.

E-commerce has seen an 18% growth in terms of worldwide online sales in 2019, a record breaking $3.5 trillion USD. Shopify indeed helped with the growth reported, as they gave merchants of all brands and sizes access to build online stores and provided them with great user experience, reaching upto 1 million users.

Shopify and ActiveCampaign works hand in hand perfectly since Shopify has great store and sales management systems in place, while ActiveCampaign has advanced automation, segmentation, campaigns, and contact management. By giving those features to Shopify, you now have a complete store with seemless data management.

This connection provides merchants the opportunity to use their existing tools and processes while improving customer experiences across their brand. Remember, customers look for relevant material, not to be bombarded by general emails not related to their interest. Google has perfected the craft of targetted advertisements, now, Shopify has been given the same tool which helps you understand your customers; who’s buying what and take action based on that data and treat each customer or purchase individually. Make recommendations based on a shopper’s history, and upsell products once they purchase multiple times.

Content Creation – 5 Rules to follow when writing for your blog

Blogging has never been easier; with the availability of different platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Tumblr, or even Facebook via Facebook Page, bloggers has been given a wide avenue to share vital information regarding their niche, and the audience is readily waiting as well.

But what captures the interest of the readers? What makes them stay? What makes them return? These are the important questions you need to explore. Not all blogs become successful, many of them fail, and the most common reasons behind it are failed SEO implementations, not user friendly layouts, too much paid advertisements, and low quality content.

Content is important in any blog, no, let me restate that, in every blog. It is the main reason why you created your blog in the first place, you want to share information. Here are 5 rules to follow to make sure that your “Content” is still the star of your blog site.

  • Use the language of your audience.
    What ever audience you have, use the language they speak, so that your readers can easily connect with you. Key to content creation is understanding who your readers are, after that, you can correctly address them and retain some followers.
  • Scout Your Topic
    Writing needs reading. Before posting something, make sure you spend some ample time reading about the topic, you might think your content is fresh but you may never know, it might have been old news to others. It’s fine to glimpse over competition, it gives you and idea what has been and has not been published yet.
  • Proofread What has been Proofread
    Yes, proofread your artice twice, or maybe thrice. No one wants to read articles with typos or mistakes, it lessens credibility. One misspelled word can loose you most, if not, all your readers.
  • Images are Content
    Don’t treat your blog like a dictionary. You will bore your audience. People today like visuals, addings more images to your posts will definitely attract more readers. It is also a good idea to drop in some videos in your post. Visual content will make your blog post look a lot more attractive and reachable not only by readers but by searchbots as well. But beware, make sure you have no copyright issue with the images you will use.
  • Simple Sentences
    Finally, and maybe the most important, is to keep your sentences as simple as possible. Don’t use highfalutin words in your post; see i did it, not too shabby aye? Don’t use deep words in your post like you’re writing a 19th century novel. These are not the classical times. Stay fresh. Keep it simple.