ActiveCampaign Goals

by Dave | activecampaign

Active Campaign goals.

In this video, we’re gonna to cover the portion of goals that begins with and when this goal is, that’s one of the one of the two conditions that needs to be met for a goal to be accomplished and it has to do with where is the contact in the automation?

Are they, is the goal below the contacts position? Or is it anywhere in the automation? And we’ve set up an automation that we’re going to use for testing purposes that basically has a number of five minute wait, and we’re going to put a contact in there, apply a tag and see what happens.

And I’ve got two tags, one’s a TEMP-A, one is TEMP-B, and then a couple conditional, I want to show you what happens when people in automation and you apply a tag that meets the goal, but you also have the condition where they are. So let’s dive right in.

Inside Active Campaign I’ve got this automation, I should probably make active so it’ll work. I’m going to put myself in here. Notice I have no tags right now I’ve been through other automation but that’s not the important thing is we’re going to use some tags to trigger some goals.

So what I’ve done is, someone gets put in here, there’s a five minute wait, then we have a conditional check, do they have the tag TEMP-A? Nothing fancy just looking for a tag. If they do have that tag, we go down this path and we wait for five minutes.

And then we also have this goal and notice it’s Do they have this tag, so they’re going to skip over that five minute wait, but notice we have and when the goal is below the contacts position, and then we want to continue anyway, so we’re focusing on and when the goal is.

Now let me show you what happens if the answer is no, there’s a five minute wait, do they have TEMP-B tag and if you look at the goal down here and if you look at the goal down here, and when this goal is anywhere.

We’re not using the below contacts position, we’re using anywhere. So a little bit different, these two goals are set up slightly different and I’ve named them so it’s pretty obvious what they are.

So first thing we’ll do is we’ll put the contact in here and I’m just going to manually step them through. And ideally, they’re going to end up here, right? That’s what makes sense.

So let’s actually time stamp this, we kind of have an idea what’s going on, 9:12 Okay, and let me put me into this automation. I think I called a goal. And actually looks like I did this a while ago. But it was a different automation.

So right now I’m sitting at the five minute wait, I have no tags, right? So I should be going down the no path. I’m going to just step through right now and skip every step. I’m not gonna wait to see what it comes down to. Okay, right.

I want it over here, I should go down the no path and exit the automation. And the little x indicates that I did not meet this condition. And actually that x here means that I skipped, so here I am waiting for five minutes guess what, I’m skipping that too.

Alright, pretty boring. We did as expected, we never had this tag so as a result, we never, we never met any of the goals. So let’s do the next case. Now this time, I’m going to make me stop here. I’m going to apply the TEMP-A tag and see what happens.

So I’m going to go back to here. Let’s apply not that let’s apply the temp tag. TEMP-A no, no sorry, wrong. I don’t want to do that yet. I want to go back into the automation. There it is right there. So I’m back in the first five minute wait, let’s go take a look and I am going to view that.

And let’s look at the time 9:14 nothing exciting and let me go back and find me again. Okay, so no tags applied to me right now, I’m sitting here waiting for five minutes. Now I’m going to apply the TEMP-A tag right now and it’s 9:14 so here we go.

So let’s add that thing, TEMP-A tag. Now, it’s coming up on 9:14, 9:15 and 9:15 we’re going to refresh the automation and see what my status is, so around 9:15 I might pause this video and check again at a different time to see when I move if I move. So I’m gonna go ahead and refresh that.

Oh, look at that 9:15 26 seconds and I have move down here. I met this goal into this automation. So this wait as soon as I met the goal, I get move sure it was about 30 seconds, but it certainly wasn’t the five minute wait. So as soon as I met that goal, I was pulled down here, and I’m out of it.

So let’s go back and I’m going to go back to this contact, I’m going to remove the tag because I want to start clean. So I’m going to go ahead and remove that.

And guess what I’m going to do going back into the goal, automation so here we go. It should be at the top again, right? This is a new path, I’ve not, I don’t have this tag anymore, so I no longer meet the goal.

Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to skip this. So I’m down this five minute wait. Then I’m going to apply this tag and let’s see what happens. So I’m going to skip this step. So right now it is 9:16 30. And you know what I’m adding the tag that A tag in this case, let’s just see this and see what happened.

So nine, let me wait till 9:17 and I’m going to refresh the screen for the automation to see if I’ve moved at all. So let’s do a refresh here. And my guess is I’m not going to meet this goal because I’m already down the no leg.

So that’s the case at 9:22ish I’m going to move down this path and go down the no. So I’m going to refresh one more time and then I’m going to pause the video and come back in a few minutes. So I still haven’t moved. It’s been more than 30 seconds spent about a minute I guess. So I’m going to pause and come back at 9:21ish.

OK! It’s 9:21, let’s hit refresh on this to see if there’s been any movement. So no. So I think we can safely conclude that we’ve gone past the leg that we could go to meet this goal. So we’re not able to backtrack here with these conditions.

And in when the five minutes is up shortly, I should move through here. And I will go down the no path because I don’t meet the conditions for this, which is having the B tag. I have the A tag, remember right? There it is right there. And hopefully, I moved quickly, six minutes ago, so hopefully this will be soon.

Okay, let’s see if we hit 9:25 and move along here. All right, so it looks like it’s actually on the five minute mark. So five minutes really isn’t five minutes. Okay, so yeah, I didn’t have the B tag, I’m here. And we know that all I’m going to do is go here, so I’m going to skip this action.

And that happened at 9:25. Alright, so let’s go back to this guy, remove the B A tag, and this time, we’re going to test the B tag. So I’m going to go back into the goal automation. And let’s go take a look at it.

Here we are at the five minute wait, I’m going to apply the B tag and you know what’s going to happen is I’m going to go directly down here and I’m going to finish so I’m going to do that right now. Let’s add B and 9:26:04.

Still waiting.

Okay, let’s double check. I’m just gonna hit refresh on this. Make sure I do have that TEMP-B tag.

OK! 9:29 Let’s hit refresh. Okay, a little concerning because I’ve already met the goal but I’m still here in this five minute wait, which I was added three minutes ago. So let’s hit refresh on this. So there we go. So it took me four minutes.

Which is less than five minute wait time, but I did meet the goal and I’m out of the automation. So in both cases, so far the wait did not wait from hitting the goals. Yes, the second one took it out looks like four minutes, the other one took less than a minute or about a minute.

So now let’s go back in and make some changes again. So I’m going to go ahead and of course, remove the TEMP-B tag. So I don’t want to hit the goal right off the bat. And that’s right, so I’m going to put myself back into the goal automation.

So I’m going to skip this step, which will put me down here, put me into this, this side right here and I’m also going to skip this step. So I’m down here at this wait step. Then I’m going to apply the TEMP-B tag and see what happens. So let’s go ahead and move along.

So I’m waiting for five minutes. It is 9:31, 9:31:30ish. I’m going to go ahead and apply the tag now, the TEMP-B tag and let’s see what happens. So 9:31:44 and then apply the TEMP-B. So let’s see what happens within the next five minutes.

All right, we’re at 9:33 right now and I’m going to refresh this. So nothing’s happened so far I’ve been here it looks like it says a minute, which we know is a little bit more than that. All right, it’s 9:34. Let’s see what happens now if we’ve moved at all.

So it says we’ve been here for two minutes now. Okay, it’s 9:35 let’s check to see if anything’s happened. Okay, 9:35:31 seconds. We were there for four minutes, but we definitely jump over to this goal. So in other words, we backtracked and that’s what happens when you have the anywhere condition.

So that’s Active Campaign goals, we learned that the time limit really doesn’t have an impact. In other words, they don’t wait for the time to pass before they meet the goal. As soon as they meet the goal they get pulled through. But we also noted that they don’t move through instantly, within five minutes they will move to the goal.

So that’s Active Campaign goal.