ActiveCampaign Customer Follow Up

by Dave | activecampaign


ActiveCampaign customer follow up.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to make a special price offer for another product every X day. So in other in other words every 30 days or 21 days, or whatever.

And to do so I’m going to recommend in your shopping cart, you have a countdown timer because you are going to give a special price. This works if you have multiple products and I’m going to suggest to use a tag called Do Not Disturb and I’ll show you how so that you give your customers a great experience.

Now this only works if you’re willing to give a discount on your other products. So they’re gonna pay full price or whatever they pay for the first product and any of the other products you offer. My recommendation is to do it on a discount and if you do want to do that, then this is what we’re going to build inside ActiveCampaign automation that automatically follows up after a certain amount of days to see if they’re interested in any of your other products.

So let’s dive right in.

To start with, you need to have multiple products. In this case, I’m going to work with three, one called membership which I also call online courses, schedule a call and social proof. So there’s three products right there.

Inside thrive cart, the shopping cart I’m using, I have three products, social proof, online course schedule a call.

And then inside my ActiveCampaign account, I have these three automations I’ll go into each or go into one to show you how it works. They’re all the same, but they’re related to this three separate products. Then they have this customer follow up automation, which I showed a screenshot of and this is what we’ll build this one out.

Okay. So to start with, I’m going to show you for instance, social proof. Notice there’s no trigger, we’re going to put them in via another automation. First thing we always want to do, in my opinion, when you have this kind of offer is apply a Do Not Disturb tag and by itself that does nothing.

It’s you that have to do something with that. So If you’re sending out regular broadcast, my recommendation is to exclude anybody from those that have the Do Not Disturb tag because they’re busy, they’re elsewhere.

So let them be, but apply that tag right off the bat, send out the first email, wait a day, whatever time is appropriate send out the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, or however many emails you want to send.

So this is where you’re going to make an offer that’s going to send them to a thrive cart page with a discounted price, countdown timer, and importantly, at the very bottom here we have this goal called customer.

So if they get this tag applied, which means if they purchase this product, they get pulled out and brought down to here. So in other words, you might have five emails in here after the second they bought they automatically get pulled down here.

And then we remove the Do Not Disturb tag. So now you can send out broadcast because these people don’t have this. So for each product you have, you want to have an automation that encourages them to buy gives them a link to the checkout page where they can purchase and if they do purchase, pull them out.

So that’s one of one automation for each product that you have and we’re only going to put them into that when they go through this automation.

Let’s go into thrive cart, and I’m going to show you one thing I want to do here. So I’m gonna go into edit, and let’s just use this one, I’m gonna just make it so it’s consistent. I don’t think I’ve really got this set up much. There it is $1. I copy this template. So this is somebody else’s, but this can be modified.

I’m going to save an exit and one behavior rule and I haven’t set up any behavior rules, but one thing I want to do is anytime someone makes a purchase, we put them into this customer follow up automation.

So I would set up a behavior rule that would put them into this customer follow up automation. Not into one of these but into this. So that would be something I would do for this product.

I’m going to go back and I’m going to make a copy of this.

I’m going to edit this one and I am going to call it I’m gonna just put the letter S for special purposes not gone I should learn to spell here and change this URL, that behavior rule that I would have had there I want to remove that, and then importantly I want to change the price and this is set up not correct yet but let’s say the other one was $100. I might make this $50. Definitely a special price there.

And I’m now I want to go to the checkout. This is important in my opinion, is we were going to want to put a countdown timer and let’s launch the editor.

Let’s add a Where are you countdown timer. So this countdown timer should last as long as this automation occurs. And let’s just say it’s a five day automation.

So let’s do five days, one hour, 21 minutes, something like that. And then we’ve made that change. So I’m going to go ahead and save and exit that. Actually, there is one thing I want to do Sorry about that. Let me go back into that countdown timer, I want to redirect it.

So I want to send them to the other redirect here and not to the dash S, which is what this one is click on Done.

So if they come back here on the same device, after five days, having seen the emails seen this checkout page, they are not going to be able to purchase this, so I’m going to leave that as is.

Okay, so that’s what I want to have done there. So that is set up and I do that for each product. I have to make a copy of the original product, less than ideal in my opinion unfortunately, but that’s what I have to do.

The upside is typically I’m making more revenue automatically. So what I’ve shown you so far is thrive cart, we’ve got these automations, which would make an offer, then we want to set this one up right here, this is the one that’s going to be the controller, somebody’s going to get put into here via the purchase that they made and now we’re going to simply go in here.

And so first thing we want to do is wait for 30 days, or however many you want. And keep in mind, this is kind of loose because those other automations are going to be like 1- 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 days, so it’s gonna be maybe 35 days till they see the next one.

And honestly, the order that you do this does not matter, maybe just whatever makes the most sense. And in general, I hope that all your products are related and make sense for your customer.

So the first thing we want to check is have they purchased the other one. So I’m going to do an if statement. Now I use tags To identify them this customer, so I’m going to say Do they have customer dash social proof, I think was one of them that I’m just going to set up the IF THEN logic, and then we’ll add in all the other stuff, if you will.

So now what was the other product? So the other product was online course. So let’s do that. And online course, customer online course.

And the way we set it up is such that we can continually add more and more products. That’ll be the way it’s set up. So let’s just go for the third one, which is schedule a call. So basically all of the products.

So basically, we come in here, wait 30 days, do they have this product? If they do have it, we go down check, do they have this product if they have if they don’t have that week, or if they do have that we continue on but if they don’t have it, what do we do? We come in here we put them into another automation.

It’s going to be the social proof one, one that’s related to that the interest, apply that save it.

Now, we wait for 30 days, or however many days you want. So I’m going to do 30 day wait, save that, go to and bring that right back up to here. So we would keep adding on here. So right here, we would do online course automation.

This one would be the schedule a call automation, the interest stash, whatever the name is wait for 30 days and then finally they get down to here and we basically exit the automation.

So it could be that they get put into here, they already own everything you have, so you’re not going to make an offer. Otherwise, you’re going to make an offer intelligently over time, based on whether they own or don’t own your products. And if you could do that at a discounted price with the countdown timer, you have a better chance of adding more revenue.

So that’s how you automatically Follow up with your customers using ActiveCampaign.