2020 Focused: SEO

According to a journal I have read a week ago, “Predictions are cheap; strategic and tactical advice is much more valuable.” A notable line needed for any businesses as I might say, specially when one is seeking metrics to how to move forwards pertaining their brand.

Thus, here are some advice, both strategic and tactical as to how you will approach your Search Engine Optimization this clear year of 2020.

  • Take advantage or review data. This will help you understand what is needed to improve your brand.
  • Keep on testing. There are many tips and tricks available to improve site ranking, loads might be blanks but try them all and see what will work.
  • Improve content. Google has improved understanding of content so take advantage of this and start piling up on quality posts, photos and reviews.
  • Spam vigilance. Report spammers appearing as they tend to beat you on listings. Be vigilant.
  • Engage more. Don’t just listen to your client, participate in the discussion. Be visible to your customers to build more trust and earn the quality review you need.

Improving Engagement: Optimize Social Media Marketing

Social media’s users have reached numbers of almost half the world’s population. Now that is a pool of plentiful fish to catch. All you need is a good fish net so you can start fishing. Here are tips to make the perfect net, that is your social media marketing:

  • Eye Candy. Take advantage and use the power of appealing visuals. Remember that first impression matters most in social media, you must be able to entice them upon seeing you on their first scroll. Content in social media is already saturated so yours need to stand out most.
  • Avoid using stock images. Be creative and be original, stop using stock images as they tend to get saturated too. Original content is valuable content.
  • Be consistent. What ever content you started with, keep rolling them as to giving your visitors the same feel when they return. This even helps with your credibility.
  • Timing is key. You don’t want to post social media content during inactivity hours. Believe me, your post will get buried if you do so. Know you audience better, check your demographic and learn what time of the day do most of your target clients stay online.
  • Testing matters. Testing content is important, be it curated post or split testing. Work on a 3 week test period to get enough rudimentary data and review your social media insights. This will give you enough information to what works or not.
  • Use the right tools. Tools gives you an edge be it tracking tools or even outsourced researchers. These tools provide you additional data as to how the wave of social media works. Bringing back the fishing analogy, you wouldn’t want to go fishing in the open sea without a navigator would you now?
  • Gimmicks work. Yes, gimmicks such as contests and giveaways work. You might have amazing content and yes that might be enough, but wouldn’t you want additional engagements by throwing a few notches to the crowd?

Social media’s massive audience provides you with a great opportunity to promote your brand. You should incorporate loads of visuals into your content to make it more attractive and engaging.

It’s also necessary to get the time of posting your content right to ensure that it creates the maximum impact on your target audience. You should also incorporate the use of tools to simplify social media marketing. Lastly, host giveaways every once in a while to give a boost to your marketing efforts.

Harden your WordPress Site

In a time of increasing web attacks and cyber warfare, website hardening becomes more important. Website hardening or WordPress hardening, if you are using WordPress as your platform, is the application of security measures for website protection. While it is good to seek professional help in securing your website, you can always start by yourself to become proactive. All you need is a bit of both time and knowledge.

Here are tips and tricks on how to improve your WordPress website security:

  • Update your website tools frequently. Update WordPress, your theme and your plugins. Outdated files are vulnerable to attacks.
  • Use strong credentials. Yes, weak passwords are often the cause of breached websites, so enforce the use of strong credentials in your site. If you have a membership site, encourage your users to do the same as well by asking them to use small and captial letters, numeric and special characters for their passwords.
  • Use Firewalls. Take advantage of tools that help protect your website like Sucurri and WordFence. These are trusted plugins that help secure your website.
  • SSL your site. The use of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) makes a WordPress website more secure because every information that passed over SSL is has an encryption.
  • Create regular backups. Being proactive is not a sin. Keep a fresh backup of your website so that in case of an unwanted attack, you can easily restore your website without the fear of losing important data.
  • Enable 2FA. 2FA or Two Factor Authentication involves providing another information, exclusively available to the users before they have the main login access.So when a hacker gets hold of a username and password, access is still not possible without confirmation in the user email.

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