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6. Go Live

1. Sign up. Click a link in the email that applies the IP Viral - Promote tag.

2. OPTIONAL: Verify you receive the email with "If you would like to recommend this, please click this link to confirm https://example.com/" message.

3. OPTIONAL: Click the confirmation link.

4. Verify that you have the IP Viral - Promote tag and not the IP Viral - Do Not Notify tag in your ActiveCampaign account.

5. Open the "Thank you for confirming your interest, please use this link to recommend https://integratepro.com/ipviral/?ipr=%CONTACTID%" and click the link.

6. Signup using a different email address.

7. Verify that the original email you signed up with has the IP Viral Count custom field set to one and the ip_viral_id is the same as your ActiveCampaign contact id.

8. When you are ready to go live, apply the IP Viral - Promote tag to a link click in an email.

If you want to start another campaign, then make the current campaign inactive, make the appropriate changes and inside your ActiveCampaign account, send all of your promoters through the IP Viral - Promote - Reset automation.