So You Want To Hire A Web Developer?

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00:09 What exactly do you want?
00:42 Make sure the developer understands what you want
01:37 Be a little sneaky and know what to look for
02:45 Research and find a good sign


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Hey, this is Dave from IntegratePro Show, here today, talking about what you need to do to hire a web developer to get the job done for what you want.

So, if you’re going to hire a web developer to create something for you online, like an app, or, WordPress plugin, you want to make sure they fully understand what you want. That means you need to be clear what exactly you want so make sure you understand and can spell out exactly what it is you want. You might not have figured all the details that are needed, all the nuances, all the stuff behind the scenes. But at the very least, you should be able to say in writing, if needed be, exactly what you want.

Now, how do you know that your developer understands what you want?

Well, ideally, your developer’s going to come back with lots and lots and lots of questions, little small things like, “How do you this?” Or more along the lines of, “Do you want to do this? Or, this?” You may not have figured all the different scenarios that could happen. For instance, if someday, if you want to have an application that uploads files to your WordPress site, you might want to allow image files at a certain type. You might want to allow PDF files at a certain size. So, your web developer should come to you and say, “OK, so what type of files you want? You want .jpeg, .png’s, .gifs? Is there a certain dimension and restrictions? Or, is there a limitation to the file size?” Like 2 megabytes, or any megabytes, or something like that. Something that makes it so that you understand that they’re asking questions about what you’ve asked for.

Now, if you want to be a little sneaky, you can kind of throw in a source out code request that really can’t be done. Something totally outlandish. And ideally, your web developer is going to tell you that and say, “You know what, that’s not possible. And even better would be, here’s an alternative solution to what you’re asking for.” But, you can do that. There’s no reason you can’t ask something that is pie in the sky, completely ridiculous and really check to get the understanding, especially if you go to job boards like e-lance or freelancer. And then you can put up request. Sometimes, you’ll get replies almost automatically within seconds of your post going live. Well, those are automated replies and probably, not the one you want to look for. Rather, you want to look for somebody who’s taking a time to reply to your specific requests and said that they can do what it is that you want. Don’t look for the replies that are probably cheap and automatic and then, don’t address your requests. You want to look for the replies from somebody who has some experience, ideally, experience in what you’ve done or at least, something close.

Another little thing you can do is you can take their username off the job board and go look it up. In Google, type their username, space, And what that will show you is that if they’d ever posted something gold online to share with the rest of the world, usually a good sign if they have something out there that is freely available that they made available for people to download. It just kind of indicated that they’ve actually done something out there and then people are using it.

So, that’s kind of what you want to do. Just make sure that you’re clear on what you want. Your web developer asks you clarifying questions and you can do a little bit of research on their brand account to see how well they’ve done in the past.

That’s it for today. Thanks!

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