Nanacast SMS Text Messaging

When you make a sale, would you like receive a SMS message from Nanacast right to your cell phone?

You Can

There are plans to add SMS messaging to Nanacast. However, as of this posting, there is no such feature.

Until then, there is another way – by using the Nanacast Notifications/Custom Fields for your Nanacast product.

You Will Need A Script

And I will talk about how to get that script later.

What you will do is upload this script to a web site of yours – anyone of your websites, it doesn’t matter.

Inside your Nanacast account, find the product or membership you want to receive text messages for and click the Notifications/Custom Fields link.

Scroll down and find the Activate Advanced Outgoing API.

If it isn’t already checked, check it.

For the External URL (or External URL 2 if the other one is already in use), type in the website where the script is located and the script name, ex – Click on Save.

IMPORTANT: The script, ex – nanacast-sms.php, has to already be on your web site or Nanacast will not save it when you click Save. You have been warned …

That’s It On The Nanacast Side

You are setup to receive SMS messages whenever a transaction (sale, refund, cancellation, etc.) occurs for the product or membership that you added this ability to.

The Script

Here’s what you need.

You will need to know the email address to send yourself text messages.

In the U.S. (sorry, I don’t know if this will work outside the U.S.), the email addresses for texting yourself for some of the biggest providers are: … AT&T … Verizon … Sprint

Don’t hold me to this addresses – things change. Best to call your mobile service provider and ask. Also be aware of charges to your bill.

For The Script

You will need to provide the phone email address, ex –, and a “sender” email, ex –

Edit the script, provide those 2 email addresses, save the file and you are good to go.

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