Nanacast Aweber Parser For Adding Affiliate ID UPDATE

Gotcha Update

Here’s a work around for the “gotcha” I mentioned for the Nanacast Aweber Parser for Adding Affiliate ID.

This is one way, maybe not the way – however, it works 🙂

Instead of using a link like the following in your Aweber emails:{!custom affiliate id}/

You will want to send your visitors to a redirect script on your site first.

The link for the redirect script should look like this:{!custom affiliate id}

Of course, replace with your domain.

Before we look at the nanaredirect.php script, let’s make sure you have the Nanacast product id figured out (the “p=100811” part of the link) and a URL to send those visitors to.

Nanacast Product ID and Landing Page

Login to your Nanacast account, click on Manage, then click on either Memberships or Products.

You will see a list of Memberships / Products. Find the membership / product you are interested in and note the Advanced API ID. In this example, the Advanced API ID is 100811.

You will also want to know where to send your autoresponder subscribers too if they are not tagged with an affiliate id.

My suggestion is to use the same location that you have setup Nanacast to redirect your affiliate traffic to. This *assumes* you have set this up to do so.

What I mean is … now click on Edit Pricing/Delivery for the membership/product of interest.

Scroll down the page and click on Affiliate Settings.

Copy the Landing Page URL for Affiliate Traffic <- this is the where your nanaredirect.php script will send your “un-tagged” autoresponder subscribers to for the membership / product of interest.

What Do We Have So Far

We have:

  1. A redirect url to use:{!custom affiliate id}
  2. A Nanacast product id: 100811 (from the Nanacast Advanced API ID)
  3. A landing page to send them to: (from the Nanacast Landing Page URL)

On To Your Site

Login to your site’s cPanel,

I’m going to leave the gory details out and just tell you … go to the File Manager and create a new file in the public_html root directory called nanaredirect.php.

Edit nanaredirect.php and add the following:

You will want to make two changes.

For the first and only occurrence of $url = “”; replace the value with your actual domain, ex – $url = “”;

This is your backup plan, your plan B if you will … where your visitors are sent to if some of the required information is not sent over properly.

The next change to make is the line that reads “” => “100811”,

Replace “” with your landing page and “100811” with your Nanacast Advanced API ID for the membership or product of interest.

That’s All She Wrote

You now have a way – maybe not the only way – to handle your Aweber autoresponder subscribers that are not tagged with a Nanacast affiliate link in their autoresponder profile when you send out links to your other products.


nanaredirect.php is a little more complicated then it needs to be.


What I am showing you here is how to handle one membership/product. I’m building nanaredirect.php to handle multiple memberships/products …

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