Membership Support

This is for you if you currently have or need a private membership that is NOT a Facebook group.

Do you have a membership built with a solution like Xenforo or LearnDash?

What about a CRM such as Ontraport, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign or Drip?

Are you using a shopping cart like ThriveCart or SamCart?

Do you have any of these tools: Wistia, Intercom, Vimeo, Deadline Funnel, ActiveMember360, Zapier?

The goal of your membership is a smooth running machine.  The reality is not always the case.

What happens when:

  • You need to connect one of your software services to another
  • Software needs to be updated
  • Security becomes an issue
  • Software conflicts occur

Do you have systems in place that:

  • Provide an automatic onboarding experience
  • Identifies and proactively handles members likely to leave
  • Automatically identify the most popular content in your membership

Over the last 8+ years, we have built more than 60 membership sites and worked with some of the most successful online entrepreneurs.

We have seen what drives the most successful memberships that provider their owners with recurring revenue while actually working less.

Now we are offering our own membership that takes care of the “techache” associated with running a membership site by providing you with ongoing tech support related to your membership like:

  • Keeping your membership software updated to the latest version.
  • If you are using WordPress, then keeping WordPress and plugins up to date.

Also, you get access to the membership area where you can “pick from the menu” of services offered like:

  • Deep Dive Survey – we will build a deep dive survey to help identify your market’s most pressing need
  • Selector – Create a selector for your home page or optin page based on the results of your deep dive survey to segment prospects based on their interests.
  • Quiz – We can build a full blown quiz funnel that ties in with your CRM.
  • Deadline Funnel or Countdown Timer – Install and integrate based on your needs.
  • Dynamic Follow Up Automation – In your CRM, a reminder email sent out to current customer based on their behavior to help retain customers.

What you get is a smoother experience for both you and your members, less headaches, tech support availability, strategy discussion, best practices based on a memberships across multiple industries, more customers, less churn, better automations.

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