Louise Lucas

Your book will arrive in the next few minutes While you are waiting for that to arrive in your in box, how long have been been searching and how many weekends have you wasted searching and not buying?

So let me share with you 3 things you must do to ensure you get those weekends back and see you settled into your first home or investment property.

Firm up your absolute maximum price that you can pay – depending on your lifestyle and your borrowing capacity but make sure you know this figure.
Search within a price target of $100,000 above and $50,000 below this figure to see what is selling – why? Because sometimes sellers are silly and just because it is listed at a certain price guide, doesn’t mean it is worth all that.
Make low offers. In fact make as many low offers as you can because this helps you learn heaps about the process and should someone come back to you interested enough to communicate further, you may just be able to buy cheap.