Nanacast Aweber Parser For Adding Affiliate ID

As a vendor using Nanacast to run my own affiliate program, I have setup my Aweber autoresponder to tag customers with the referring affiliate’s id. This way, whenever I promote another product of

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On To Nanacast

Login to Nanacast. Time to setup a membership. Once you have setup a membership, there are a few other considerations. Click on the Notifiations/Custom Fields Link. You MUST add Password as a Custom Field

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Getting Nanacast To Talk To Your Blog With The Memberlock WordPress Plugin

Nanacast offers a WordPress plugin called Memberlock that communicates with the Nanacast commerce system and your self-hosted WordPress blog. This means you can run your WordPress blog like a memberhip

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Using The Nanacast Outgoing API

Here’s where it gets good. The Nanacast ecommerce system allows you to “communicate” with other online programs by way of an outgoing API. What this means is you can pass the customer’s

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Tiered Pricing Based on Quantity Sold With Nanacast

This is what you do to setup tiered pricing based on quantity sold (versus based on date range) with Nanacast. Login to your account. I’ll make the assumption that you have a membership product (stand

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